thrill of the fight 2

I’m getting external help and starting on a sequel from scratch. He is a self-taught programmer with an 8-year career in web development.

TOTF2 will definitely be a day 1 for me. With Quest 2 and The Climb 2, it definitely feels like the red carpet is being rolled out for sequels suffixed with a simple “2.” :) u/fyian any updates to share It’s a game for actual boxers and I love this game, nothing comes close. It will continue to get small tweaks and bug fixes, but there likely won’t be any large content or feature updates. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. !” than “Fight Night”. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The original plan was to have 10 unique fighters that all had their own set of special attacks and punch patterns that you had to learn and properly react to. It should be bigger, better, and more realistic in every conceivable way, and unless something goes horribly wrong, it will have multiplayer PVP matches. I sat down with the sole developer of Thrill of the Fight to find out more about the amazing mechanics that make this game tick and how he managed to create it all on his own.

Post anything that might relate to the game. “Instead, the game calculates the force of your punch based on how you threw it.”. I didn’t expect the game to even be playable on Quest due to the tracking, but now the Quest version is by far my favorite version of the game.

The game can’t read the mass you’re putting behind the punch, so that’s mostly filled in with idealized values. But really the goal is for you to be matched up evenly in terms of mass with the opponents, not for you to bring your real-world mass in for what would potentially be very one-sided fights if you didn’t happen to be in the right weight class. A sub dedicated to the VR game, Thrill of the fight. Use timing and skill to land the knockout blow. TOTF is my go to for VR Exercise! After that 6-8 opponents to get to championship. Right uppercut 7. He said he was working on a sequal before the quest version dropped. I checked out the Steam forums for this, and the latest post I found from the Dev about ToTF 2 is from July 21. After that 6-8 opponents to get to championship. Face off in the virtual ring where you'll jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. But it’s a good feature to have. When you land a hit on the opponent, you’re not subtracting points of damage from their health bar in the hopes that you’ll empty it and knock them down. Character models were a major obstacle, because I wanted them to be unique to Thrill of the Fight. Right body shot These are your bread and butter, and the more effectively and accurately you can throw these shots, the better. I’m curious if anyone knows the status of Thrill of the Fight 2? :). The end result might stun the opponent, cleanly knock them down or out, wear them down a bit for later hits, or it might not even accomplish much of anything at all. I started off with a tool that let me generate characters with a wide variety of appearances, but it was poorly supported and I ended up running into bugs and limitations that made it something I wouldn’t be able to use long-term.

With varying settings and difficulty levels, the game can be adjusted for anyone. It sounds like it isn't that far along. Left uppercut 6. So that’s what I’m doing. With a large amount of fitness-focused games on the Oculus Quest, it’s hard to stand out on the headset’s growing library. ", What’s the update for the game since this thread is over 100 days old? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't have a release date planned yet. Ways to support dev? When the Vive came out in April 2016, Fitz decided to grab Unity and see if he could make a game for it. My goal is to get something in players' hands this year. Cant wait, More posts from the OculusQuest community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. However, I also wanted to emphasize the physical interaction within 3D space instead of just mapping movements to the equivalent of button presses, and trying to maintain that freedom of action for the player just wasn’t working well with the pattern-recognition-focused gameplay. Will there be a campaign mode? The buzz keeps things moving along.
Right hook 5. it would be epic to see a boxer model fighting, i know its hard but that would be epic. When will it come out? How to get beta access? I know it’s a lot of things to ask but what ever you do just make it better than the first game and we be happy. Depending on ur budget 5 opponents to get to the serious boxing level. Undecided, but right now I'm leaning toward just doing an early access release as soon as it's far enough along to be playable. Luckily early feedback on the game was almost universally asking for more of a focus on free-fighting than pattern recognition, so I started moving in that direction within the first week of the game’s release. Fitz: I think I spent two weeks working on the game during every free moment I had before I shared a demo on Reddit to get feedback. Cant wait for totf 2 I’d love to help develop 2 .. thrill of the is the best. I’m very happy there’s hard working people like you making a great game with a tight budget. I didn’t expect to put my game up for sale then, but I was overwhelmed with the amount of people contacting me to ask how they could give me money to support the game’s development. My goal is to get it to a minimum sensible state to release it in and then go ahead and have an extremely early access release instead of sitting on what would otherwise be a ready-to-play but incomplete game. With Quest 2 and The Climb 2, it definitely feels like the red carpet is being rolled out for sequels suffixed with a simple “2.” :) u/fyian any updates to share? Thrill of the Fight is a game all VR headset owners should try. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ThrillOfTheFight community. The latter is often a point of frustration for players, but it’s a key part of making sure you can’t just throw a constant flurry of blind punches. Not because I'm trying to keep anything a secret, but just because there's still a lot up in the air, and I don't want to say anything about the game that I can't follow through with. I’m curious if anyone knows the status of Thrill of the Fight 2? No pressure though; I’m a dev (non-VR) so I get it, great software takes time! Nuff said! Tip 1. Then, where you landed the punch determines either how painful your hit was or what effect it had on the opponent’s brain. I would be happy with better graphics, game design, better environments, UI, and more opponents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fitz: Assuming you at least have the space to throw punches in the first place, I see play area size and safety as mostly unrelated. That initial version will likely only have PVP content while single-player AI and training features are developed and added later. Campaign- start from nothing to be a championship and even be able to get 2 championship belts like real world. The force mulitplier system accommodates for differences in player mass, in a sense, by boosting the strength of players who aren’t able to punch as fast. The Great Ghoul Duel — Tricked or treated? Fitz: Thrill of the Fight is feature complete, and I hope I’ve priced it appropriately for that. From there, the game just works on the assumption that anything outside your boundaries isn’t safe, and because of that I try to make sure there’s never a situation where you would need to move or swing outside of your play area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Depending on ur budget 5 opponents to get to the serious boxing level. Ur coach talks to you during rest in a match or him yelling stuff while fighting. Quoting the dev: "TotF2 is still in progress, but moving a bit slowly.

Pretty much anything else I would want to do to the game will require rewriting large portions of the game’s foundation, bringing in external help, or both, and it doesn’t make sense to do that instead of putting those resources to better use to just make a brand new game with a better foundation than what’s in place for TotF1. Ian Fitz is the developer of Thrill of the Fight. While it may be some time before we see a sequel released, I am definitely awaiting the next masterpiece by Ian Fitz and all his games to follow. It really comes down to how safe your boundaries are, and you can certainly create unsafe boundaries even if you have a huge space to play in. Therefore, buying an Oculus Quest and discovering Thrill of the Fight couldn’t have come at a better time. Learn some basic boxing techniques If you’re going to excel at a virtual boxing simulator, you going to need to have at least a basic understanding of the essential boxing punches 1. Just a way to see progression that motivates me to keep trying to reach the end.

i remember him saying that he was thinking of making a sequel but he sounded like he wasn't sure. It's in active development. Boxing was one of the first things that came to mind, and I expected to make something more like “Punch-Out! :), Totf The best real feel boxing game EVER!!! Thrill of the Fight boxers vary in size and style. Thrill of the Fight is slower, more methodical but the fights are more grueling, you can fight for 10 rounds or more, constantly having to keep your guard up while exchanging punches with your opponent. Press J to jump to the feed. It was good timing, too, as “Knockout League” released around that time and pulled off the pattern recognition gameplay much better than I could and with far more interesting visuals than I had access to. Defend your title, if you loose you can fight others or have a rematch. I found a helpful beginner guide online, which you can read here. This is just my theory, that is. I’m stoked about this as TotF is a go-to that kicks my ass (in a good way) every time I play it. The Thrill of the Fight is available on Oculus Quest priced $9.99 and £7.99 and is cross-buy supported. Better graphics Better/more Blood/damage perhaps even on the gloves and floor? Left hook 4. I’m patient, just curious. Whats more amazing is that the entire game was created by one sole developer. I'm not really shy about talking about it, but I just don't have too much to say at this point because things are moving along very slowly, and I don't want to make any promises about what will or won't be included. The Thrill of the Fight - The Thrill of the Fight is a down-to-earth VR boxing game focused on authenticity. You successfully did something many big companies can’t even do! Ultimately you get more of a workout playing Thrill of the Fight because of the longer fights.

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