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The economic depression after the war and dissatisfaction from Black South Africans and other extra-parliamentary groups made the SAP's rule more difficult. However, business was hardly liberal, and this fund refused to back the Liberal Party that Alan Paton had helped to form after the 1953 election - which propagated a programme of a multi-racial democracy based on universal franchise.

Hertzog was Prime Minister and also Minister of Native Affairs. The most important were the restriction of all power to Whites, racial classification and racial sex laws. The West did not insist on a popular democracy in South Africa, arguing that such a system was impossible for the time being. Leave a Reply. The new parliament subsequently re-elected President Mbeki. But with the shadow of the Cold War falling over the world, the priority for Western governments was to prevent South Africa, with its minerals and strategic location, from falling under communist influence. Still, the defeat of Nazi Germany and the horror of the Holocaust had discredited racial ideologies, and speeded up pressure for racial integration, particularly in the United States. Malan was prime minister from 1948 to 1954, and was directly succeeded by J.G. The rest of the cabinet was made up of NP members, who gradually laid more and more stress on republican independence and Afrikaner identity. He remained independent to form the new opposition, which was called the Purified National Party (PNP). Both parties wanted to protect White labour, and decided to make a pact in April 1923 that would ensure that they would not oppose each other in the elections, and would support each other’s candidates in certain areas.

Late in 1989, the National Party won the most bitterly contested election in decades, pledging to negotiate an end to the apartheid system that it had established. The first leader of the National Party (NP) became Prime Minister as part of the PACT government in 1924. The result of the 1948 election dismayed Britain, South Africa's principal foreign investor and trading partner.

This system left the Whites with more seats in the Parliament than the Indians and Coloureds combined.
The NP's advance was the story of a people on the move, filled with enthusiasm about the 'Afrikaner cause'- putting their imprint on the state, defining its symbols, and giving their schools and universities a pronounced Afrikaans character. A wave of strikes and riots marked the 10th anniversary of the Soweto uprising in 1987. Over time, the difference between the NP and SAP became smaller, and in 1933 the two parties merged to form a coalition government. Vorster became the new Prime Minister.

This offended English-speaking South Africans and stood in opposition to Botha’s policies of national unity.

The feature includes a history of the National party, broken down into sections, according to significant periods of the NP’s history.

The alliance was formed during the war from General Hertzog's core support. He would soon offer South Africa access to the intelligence secrets of Britain and the United States. The National Party strengthens (1914-1923). A list of 83 political views and policies made by One Nation’s in 2020. Besides these protest efforts, it was agreed that South West Africa should be invaded. The Cape National Party was founded on 9 June 1915. Hertzog then returned to the NP, which was reformed as the Herenigde Nasionale Party (HNP) [Reformed National Party] on 29 Jan 1940. Malan said after the election: “Today South Africa belongs to us once more. Since Hertzog’s policies were orientated towards Afrikaner nationalism, most of his supporters were Afrikaans people. In the early 1980s, as the regime hotly debated the extent of reforms, Botha began to reform some of the apartheid policies. The main reason for black anger was Smuts' acceptance of the Stallard report that stated: ”It should be a recognised principle that natives (men, women and children) should only be permitted within municipal areas in so far and for as long as their presence is demanded by the wants of the white population. In the world of big business Rembrandt, Sanlam, Volkskas and other Afrikaner enterprises soon began to earn the respect of their English rivals.

However, apartheid policy steadily marginalised ethnic groups, and undermined their culture of and pride in their achievements. This ended nearly three centuries of white rule in South Africa, and marked the eradication of white-minority rule on the African continent.
The main aim was to direct the people’s ambitions and beliefs along Christian lines towards an independent South Africa.

Blacks violently protested being shut out of the system, and the ANC and PAC, both of whom had traditionally used non-violent means to protest inequality, began to advocate more extreme measures (Umkhonto we Sizwe and the turn to the armed struggle). The Rand Rebellion of 1922 further strengthened the popularity, as it led to cooperation between the and the Labour Party (LP). Die Burger newspaper was therefore created in the Cape on 26 July 1915 for this specific purpose, with D. F. Malan as editor. La Guma, “Appeal of the National Liberation League for a National Convention of the Subject Peoples of South Africa”, The Liberator, September 1937, Document 115 - Hawa H. Ahmed (Halima Gool), Address Delivered at Inaugural Meeting of the Non-European Women’s Suffrage League, Cosmopolitan Hall, Cape August--1938, Document 116 - Committee of Action of the Non-European United Front, Non-European United Front, Cape Town (1939), Settler Colonialism and Afrikaner Nationalism, Documents, and articles pertaining to National Party, South African Prime Ministers from the National Party. By 1948 there was growing irritation with wartime restrictions that were still in place, and living costs had increased sharply. South Africa is our own for the first time since Union, and may God grant that it will always remain our own.” When Malan said that South Africa “belonged” to the Afrikaners he did not have the white-black struggle in mind, but rather the rivalry between the Afrikaner and the English community. Featured is also a people section that lists all of the key figures and members of the NP, with links to their relevant biographies.

In 1926 South Africa’s position in relation to Britain was made clear in the Balfour Declaration, drawn up at the Imperial Conference of the same year. In 1910 the Union of South Africa was established, and the previously separate colonies of the Cape, Natal, Transvaal and the Orange Free State became provinces in the Union. Immediately after the 1948 election, the government began to remove any remaining symbols of the historic British ascendancy. A. Some even decided to resign rather than work with him- while he refused to leave his position. Political freedom from Britain was essential to the NP, but the party was prepared to maintain the current relationship with the Empire. Despite obstacles and delays, an interim constitution was completed in 1993. After the Pact Government's 1924 election victory, South Africa had a new government. In the early 1970s, black workers staged strikes and violently revolted against their inferior conditions. From 1 to 9 January 1914, Hertzog’s supporters met in Bloemfontein to form the National Party, and to lay down its principles.

An archive section listing and linking to relevant speeches, articles, documents and interviews. Pieter Willem Botha became prime minister in 1978, and pledged to uphold apartheid as well as improve race relations. It provided for a strong presidency and eliminated provisions guaranteeing White-led and other minority party representation in the government. The Hertzog government curtailed the electoral power of non-Whites, and furthered the system of allocating “reserved” areas for Blacks as their permanent homes- while regulating their movements in the remainder of the country. However, by late 1974, with independence for Angola and Mozambique under majority rule imminent, South Africa faced the prospect of further isolation from the international community - as one of the few remaining White-ruled nations of Africa.

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