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The chance to stun caps at 80%. C.E.O. Once all of the Cogs are defeated, the Toons merge into their waiter suits. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Cogs, known to my workplace associates in Bossbot HQ as The C.E.O. The Toons will be rewarded Pink Slips of various amounts depending on the tier of CEO that they have completed.

The C.E.O appears to be rather intelligent, as he will shut off the conveyor belts that Toons use to grab snacks for laff points if the final battle continues for a long period of time. The seltzer bottle has three charges; low, medium, and high. Higher tiers will spawn higher leveled cogs during cog battle rounds, increase the health the C.F.O.

This is good for preserving Sound, as Toons will run out of Sound very quickly if they use 2 or 3 Foghorns (depending on the level of Cogs they are facing). the boss can be seen communicating with his Cog associates to discuss various business initiatives, which was introduced by an, The update, unfortunately, introduced a terrible bug, causing Toons to gain a distorted view of the game whenever they were run over by the C.E.O.. Toons who witnessed such a scenario entered, An oversized golf cart was mentioned in a. The C.E.O. Due to Version 2.0 Cogs exploding into Skelecogs when their outer shell is destroyed, this is the only place where Downsizer Skelecogs can be found outside of a. All Cogs in this tier are level 12 Big Cheeses. The second round consists of the Toons feeding the Cogs at the banquet. The Toons in the battle face off against thirty Cogs collectively, with two separate groups of four Toons contributing to the number of Cogs defeated. When the C.E.O. The fourth and final round involves fighting the C.E.O himself. In order to battle the C.E.O., Toons need earn parts for their Bossbot Cog Disguise by completing Shep Ahoy's ToonTasks, which can be done after completing ToonTasks from Donald's Dreamland and ToonTasks for the Lawbot Cog Disguise. The battle against the C.E.O consists of 4 rounds. The C.E.O. To do this, Toons must pick up oil cans carried into the room by conveyor belts that are at the side. Then its hits can take away 18 laff points, and it breaks a conveyor belt.

Similar to the tier system for the C.J. The higher your tier, the more pink slips will be rewarded at the end. https://toontown.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Executive_Officer?oldid=167072. Tier 3: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between, and including, a level nine Corporate Raider (a Cog Disguise value of 33) and a level 19 Big Cheese (a Cog Disguise value of 47). He may have climbed the corporate ladder, but that hasn't stopped Toons from tabling his banquets and seizing his pink slips. When they are enraged, it will require another three oil cans to eliminate them, regardless of how many oil cans they were fed before. boss battle is notably small, some Toons would always clip through the walls in groups of eight. The round starts with both groups facing off against a single level 12 Version 2.0 Big Cheese.

There are eight tables, with eight Cogs seated per table, resulting in a total of 64 Cogs. Get cracking and serve my banquet!

At 50% health remaining, the CEO will enter his Reorganize Phase and will disable one of the snack conveyors, increase his attack speed slightly and increase his damage. Toons can split up into groups to either use the golfing area to slow down the C.E.O or use the seltzer bottles available on the table to damage the C.E.O. is notorious for playing hard ball. The Toon is unable to move until the C.E.O. For example, a Level 18 Cog would require 6 fires! Likes: Holes-In-One, Climbing LaddersDislikes: Toons, Seltzer Water.

Like the Chief Justice, the C.E.O. Once the C.E.O has 50% health remaining, he will "Reorganize," increasing his damage and take down one of the snack conveyor belts. The CEO is the only boss cog that can not swipe. It is one of five cogs wearing hats. Find other toons to fight the cogs with!

When on a table, holding control will build up the power of the seltzer bottle. I'll do it myself. The fourth round involves a final battle against the C.E.O.

is the only boss battle where: Toons do not meet the boss immediately after entering the area through the elevator. starts out with hits that take away 15 laff points, but after 20 minutes it shouts, "It's time to reorganize." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. and the C.E.O. is hosting a banquet at the time of their arrival and that the banquet needs to be infiltrated. All Cogs in this tier are level 11 Corporate Raiders. Due to a glitch, the golf balls do not slow down the CEO. Arrrggghhh!!!! Like the Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer, he sits on a gear-shaped podium and has an undercarriage (except his never seems to open). Depending on the average level of the Toons' Bossbot Cog Disguises that enter the battle, the number of pink slips awarded and the number and type of Cogs seated during the second round may vary. The Toon that starts off with a Foghorn at the beginning of the battle is usually on the far left of the player's computer screen and then continue from left to right. Not only will it destroy another conveyor belt, but its hits take away 30+ Laff Points, and attacks/speed is faster. Tier 5: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is a level 35+ Big Cheese (a Cog Disguise value of 65+). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjneWVT6tEo, https://toontownrewritten.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Executive_Officer?oldid=107930. with a green club after reorganizing. battle were tweaked with revisions being made to all of Good ol' Gil Giggles's speeches and two of the C.E.O. If all Cogs have been fed and destroyed, the Toons will have to fight a single set of v2.0 Cogs.

moves off of them, at which point they will pop back up in a couple of seconds. He has two sets of eyes and teeth on the left side and on the right side. A medium charge does 4 points of damage to the C.E.O. (Other cogs include. The Toons battle against the C.E.O. It resides in the Bossbot Clubhouse in Bossbot Headquarters. At the end of the battle the C.E.O. possesses a Skelecog-like head and is dressed in a golfer's attire that seems to be bolted to his body. –Chief Executive Officer, Bossbot Clubhouse. Once that Cog is defeated, two instances may occur; if all Cogs were destroyed in the feeding round, the fourth round will begin instantly. The "Chief Executive Officer" is the position of the most senior corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of managing a for-profit organization.

Toontown Corporate Clash Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. What's taking so long? Then, they are given to the Cog by bumping into any seated Cog that isn't currently eating.

If one were to go from level 1 Flunky to level three Yesman, they would need to require a total of 10 promotions. With his high-class banquets and record-breaking time spent on the golf course, the C.E.O. has a wide array of attacks that are heavily based on golf, all of which can be very deadly if underestimated: Should the battle take too long, the C.E.O. Five pink slips are awarded in this tier. Get them!!! All Cogs in this tier are level 12 Big Cheeses. has, spawn bigger goons that do more damage and increase the amount of random unites you get as a reward. After dealing the remaining amount of health, the CEO will be defeated and as a result, is demoted back to a Flunky.

In order to battle the C.E.O., Toons need earn parts for their Bossbot Cog Disguise by completing Shep Ahoy's ToonTasks, which can be done after completing ToonTasks from Donald's Dreamland and ToonTasks for the Lawbot Cog Disguise. Hrrmmpph. If they overshoot a high charge, the seltzer bottle will overcharge and will not fire at all, meaning the Toon will have to recharge the seltzer bottle. He can also damage Toons by running over them while they are on a table. After 30 minutes, it shouts, "Now let's downsize." He is located in Cashbot Headquarters inside the Cashbot Vault. These oil cans are supplied by Good ol' Gil Giggles and will cause a Cog to explode after successfully drinking three oil cans. The CEO boss battle has the most rounds out of all boss battles in Toontown. The first round involves the Toons destroying waiter Cogs in order to build a waiter disguise to infiltrate the banquet in the next room. Because the elevator leading to the C.E.O. The C.E.O during the meeting in his office. This makes the battle progress very quickly with a good group of Golfers and Accurate, fully charged attackers. Once all Cogs defeated, the fourth round will then begin.

Toons will start receiving tasks for their Bossbot suit after they have completed their Lawbot cog suit.

Tier 4: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between, and including The Big Cheese being level 20 (a Cog Disguise value of 48) or level 34 (a Cog Disguise value of 62). The second round consists of a large banquet room with tables in which Cogs are seated. More tables will spawn in higher tiers as well. The value can be easily determined via n + 1, where n is how many promotions a Toon has had totally. The Cog value depends on the disguise, but this is not simply determined by level. Tier 1: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including a level one Flunky, and a, Tier 2: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including a. It's been brought to my attention that you Toons have conjured up some infernal combination of fun known as "The Toontown v2.0.0 Update." The Chief Executive Officer, more commonly known as the C.E.O., is the boss of the Bossbots. The Chief Executive Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.E.O., is the leader and the last cog on the Bossbots' corporate ladder. can also initiate two "pinch" phases where his above attacks then become much stronger. battle has five tiers, all of which affect how the banquet room is laid out. This equation results in 1 being the answer, which is the identifier for a level one Flunky-tier C.E.O. After the Toons have completed the Feeding Round and have destroyed all the remaining Cogs, the battle against the CEO begins. If there are still Cogs remaining from the feeding round, they will fly in, and Toons will have to battle them as well.

Fires cost a third of a Cogs level to use. boss battle works on a tier system. He expects big swings from the Cogs each and every quarter to land a hole-in-one on his profit margins, and won't tolerate any performance less than under par.

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