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The company has also used 11 business names, namely Synergy Data Hub from 2002-12-18 to 2006-03-20, Synergy Data Exchange from 2002-12-18 to 2006-03-20 and Synergy Document Management from 2002-12-18 to 2006-03-20. These settings are used to calculate the actual cost values in Synergy. The standard retirement fund percentage for new staff. Update this field if the government changes the percentage value that employers must contribute to the retirement/pension fund for each staff member. The time zone selected controls the time stamp that shown for actions in Synergy. The overhead factor allows you to determine the 'raw' cost of each staff member and how much it needs to be marked up by to cover the business overheads. 12d Synergy–Total Synergy: Your Complete AEC Business Solution – Industry Solutions Webinar Series. This name can be shown on document outputs and reports. *This feature is available with the Synergy Business or Enterprise products.*. This value can be entered into Synergy financial controls, or you can enter another value that has been suggested by your accountant. They all love technology and work with a real focus on helping each other grow, and helping their customers to fulfill their role in designing the built environment. E.g. for those who’ve had enough of collaboration chaos and stressful, slow networks, to be unchained from your desk, to work flexibly anywhere, anytime, for the pioneers who know there’s a smarter, faster, better way to work.

Leverage the Synergy API across other platforms, and learn about how Synergy works. In many countries, this is a levy defined by the government, and that default % can be entered here to be used on new staff records that are created. All press releases. e.g. They are a diverse bunch, united by their core values. Contains public sector information licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence. About. The organization-wide settings that use the effective date are: 'overhead factor' and 'target margin'. The connector enables 12d Synergy to intuitively pull your project information across the platforms, including contacts, project details, project attributes and other custom fields. *This feature is available with the Synergy, The percentage of time each staff member is available to be in the office, less any annual / holiday leave, public holiday leave, medical / sick leave, and any other leave types that apply. In some accounting systems this is known as a 'card id number', and it is required to be used for mapping if you have more than one contact (company or person) with the same name, or if the same contact is attached to both invoices and supplier bills.Unique ID settings allow you to update the default numbering that is applied to new contact records that are created in Synergy. e.g. Color - Click the color square to select an alternate color from the selector. All data transferred is encrypted to ensure rock-solid data security. The default for new staff records created in the effective date range shown. Type the required effective date, or select it from the drop-down calendar shown.

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