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How can a brand go from a self-made online auction store to one of the fastest growing retailers in less than a decade?

To have that kind of connection with a brand and what it represents is really what fashion is all about.” Back then, the Gucci Ghost collection might have sounded hyperbolic to some, but each piece resonated with the brand’s audiences — the millennials.

We also can have a look at the numerous articles that explain today's importance of slow fashion and how this whole vision makes an impact on society, environment and mostly how it helps to make the artisans' work a viable way of income. It is not difficult to distinguish the LV monogram usually seen on a brown leather bag as the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Is a moving picture worth more than a thousand words? The brand used cutting-edge cinemagraphs for its digital advertising campaign on Instagram. Today the fashion brand sells new and vintage clothing online (first stores are opening this year), shoes and accessories and has become an international style source for girls and women around the world. The brand’s newest ad campaign tackles digital storytelling by incorporating wise marketing tactics and new technology on social media. Let's have a chat! “We send each other screenshots of Gucci’s Instagram Stories with dramatic text captions, a lot of emojis, and far too many exclamation points. Sportswear has become a very important part in the fashion industry since more casual and sporty looks are also used in everyday life all around the world. Mass brands such as H&M were responsible for the mass production of clothing without any regard for its impact. Matter – What’s it really like to be 18 in America right now? The messaging of these values is the true value of Louis Vuitton’s storytelling. Designs aside, Gucci has tapped into the Gen Next by co-creating communities and thus, increasing brand evangelism. Storytelling is a universal human experience. Some examples of the most successful international storytelling campaigns are the ones that involve Bebe Vio, the Italian Paralympic champion and the Boxeur Zeina Nassar who fought to "rewrote the rules to allow women everywhere to box in hijabs." Today we take a look at four popular fashion brands that use immersive digital storytelling and promote not only shopping, but also lifestyle experiences.

L. Dimitrova. Here's what you need to know about Transmedia Marketing and why it's the future of brand storytelling. He and Alessandro Michele (as a team), have both deciphered what drives and motivates their young consumers. Gucci has activated its customers by turning the spotlight on them and letting them fully participate in cultivating the brand’s future. The campaign was directly linked to Facebook, targeting customers with sequential messaging –intelligent retargeting, choosing which ads will be when presented to a given person in real-time – and thus greatly influencing buyers’ decisions. Moreover, Louis Vuitton with its 4.3 million followers is one of the kings of Twitter. If you're planning to expand your fashion brand abroad, storytelling is a powerful strategy that will undoubtedly help you. One such brand that has embraced this new cultural code is Gucci. The term signals the brand’s creativity, inclusivity, and authenticity that Alessandro Michele has subtly instilled into these young consumers.

Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele understands that if his consumers are presented a good story, they will remember not just the details of it but also feel emotionally connected to the brand’s vision. A brand’s story and its narrative are as important to the consumers as the products themselves.

While 2016 was a banner year for Gucci, courtesy its daring collaborations and digital makeover; 2017 gave rise to the power of the “hashtag”. However, the ad picturing Gorbachev travelling in a car in what looks like Berlin and its famous wall in the background transcends a story that is strongly embedded in our memories and cultural heritage. It’s as if the entire globe is “Feeling Gucci” or wants to “Guccify” itself. The two magical words – brand and storytelling – seem to be inseparable today in 2015. ©Gucci Campagna pubblicitaria Spring-Summer 2018. Marketers’ radars are all directed at finding more innovative ways to let their brands speak, tell their unique stories, and utilize innovative technology to achieve that. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. Do you want to share an idea with me? Let’s admit it – no one likes banners, no matter what they advertise. By choosing not to brand the website, LVMH manages to focus on storytelling by directing the attention to famous faces, and executes its storytelling goal. I have no idea. High-end shoe brand Stuart Weitzman’s has always focused on merging fashion with function. In the beginning, Gucci was known for its mostly equestrian clothing and accessories. The brand used cutting-edge cinemagraphs for its digital advertising campaign on Instagram. [fa icon="calendar"] Apr 3, 2019 7:50:00 AM / By

We not only want to make an impact on today's society - we want to make a "positive" impact. Pingback: How Fashion Brands Use Digital Storytelling | B... Pingback: What I learned at Fashiontech Berlin from a Content Marketing perspective | 01storytelling, Pingback: IKEA – 2016 Catalog App | 01storytelling, Your email address will not be published. Andrew was soon flown to Rome to work on Gucci’s Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Nike has always been associated with female empowerment, and the brand wants women around the globe to identify with role models. Don’t be surprised when they say, “Tiger is my spirit animal — I’m always seeking new challenges,” or “I was born in the year of the Tiger, so I must own one of those ace embroidered sneakers.” Gucci has offered millennials an enchanted world of fashion, where each item is a talisman for the new generation. Have you ever asked yourself, to communicate what? But what exactly is ‘it’? And that might just be almost everything – from selling clothing directly to consumers at high gross margins (without fixed retail costs) to communicating with its customers and telling its brand story every chance it gets. “I’ve read many things about millennials these days saying they are not loyal and switch from one brand to the text.

Kate Spade embraces the power of storytelling to its highest potential. Many examples of good transmedia brands, such as Star Wars, are a mix of many transmedia concepts. Blog posts, social accounts, podcasts, and partnerships with local activists and artists ones again convey the values of the institution. The campaign ran for two weeks only, targeting women aged 22 to 40, bringing in a new perspective in how to utilize the power of social media and storytelling for reach opportunities: those who saw the campaign ads on Instagram were redirected to Facebook and presented with a different but related advertisement there. In my opinion is the field where storytelling can be applied in the most unique and creative way. The brand is highly devoted to social media engagement, strongly connecting with its audience, and customer care, emphasizing a strong relationship. Apart from shopping options on the website it also offers a blog which celebrates excellent content.

So, what lessons can other brands learn from this luxury behemoth which has the strongest digital prowess among fashion retailers? Passionate content creator, an amateur photographer, aspiring to be a grown-up one day, I produce written and visual content. Eight Questions (you may not know) to Ask a Web Developer, An Important Business Lesson All Creators Can Learn from Fortnite, Why Creators Should Avoid Paid Ads Until Trying 5 List-Building Strategies.

High-end shoe brand Stuart Weitzman’s has always focused on merging fashion with function. “The task is either discussing the same topics that we discuss in the normal meeting with executives or giving me ideas on different processes.” Though he didn’t disclose what led to the brand’s recent decisions to be socially responsible, but most people know that Gucci’s resolve to go fur-free (started with its Spring 2018 collection) and also, $500,000 donation to gun-control movement, ‘March For Our Lives’, were both outcomes of the unofficial shadow committee. Our mission is threefold — to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire customers to value provenance & process, and pioneer industry change & sustainability for rural textile communities.". When renowned brands launch blogs or any other content-filled websites, the brands’ affiliation is usually at the center of attention. Did you enjoy our list? Today for brands it's not enough to produce pretty and trendy clothing; and for customers it's not only about wearing something cool; today, buying fashion clothing or accessories is the natural extension of one's moral principles and lifestyle. Nasty Gal’s face Amoruso is an inspiring icon to young women not for her crazy-good looks but for her entrepreneurial ideas. The term “Feel Gucci” was coined by Bizzari’s 16-year-old daughter, meaning, “feel good”. It will also generate more UGC for the brands.

Through great online storytelling The Florentine Maison has also promoted its organization for women empowerment and gender equality, Chime for Change. The brand website also offers “Behind the Curtain” – a blog on everything from office style to city guides. In fact, Matter is not only a brand but a whole community. Nasty Gal was founded in 2006 by then 22-year-old Sophia Amoruso, who initially started the company on eBay. Your email address will not be published. To do so, Nike relies on female athletes’ endorsements. Amongst the fashion fraternity, this unusual collaboration was looked upon as an interaction between two creative worlds and the show made an enormous impact on the minds of the digital demographic. On YouTube the brand is currently engaged in its #missadventure campaign starring up-and-coming Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick. In fact, in this amazing example of fashion storytelling, we find some international power figures such as, the plus size model Tess Holliday, legendary rock star Iggy Pop, and Muslim model Mariah Idrissi. The powerful animal and nature symbols are all part of the blooming Gucci Garden. While the snakes exemplify knowledge in Greek & Roman Art, the distinguished bees are a symbol of nobility in Rome. In the past decades, the brand has become a point of reference among youngsters who aren't afraid to experiment with creative patterns and styles. The social campaign was irreverent & entertaining, and it injected a dash of humour into the brand. Storytelling is a universal human experience.

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