treasure hunter g frogs

Can you hunt the monsters while I lead the search party? HR Points: 910 HR Points: 760

...Puaah! - Patrol Squid Liaison, Location: Misty Peaks I will not stand for such a thing, you hear? Feel like training? Subquest HR Points: 120 - Misty Peaks Observation Post, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Long enough for an Uragaan to shuffle up next to us and then start rolling around wrecking the place! Reward: 28200z

Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 2100z

Contract Fee: 1500z, Oh my gosh!

Environment: Stable I don't really care for such nonsense, myself, so I'll just ask you to clean out the Hyper Monsters at the Arctic Ridge. Subquest Reward: N/A He said something about her "wondrous bubbles" and "lustrous pink crest"... Oh my stripes and whiskers, he's fallen in love with a Mizutsune, hasn't he?

Guess who gets to go to the Volcano and hunt every big sucker they can find in the search for materials?

I quit the biz.

Location: Ruined Pinnacle Subquest Reward: 3900z Purrlease? We got purralyzed before we could blink! Monster Hunter Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Subquest Reward: 4200z

HR Points: 670

Reward: 21900z

Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: 2700z

Environment: Unstable - Female Geologist, Location: Frozen Seaway Time Limit: 50 min.

Reward: 26100z Environment: Stable

Environment: Stable Reward: 12600z Put on your best armor, pick up your best weapon and greet your partner! HR Points: 300 Contract Fee: 2300z, A pair of Yian Garuga have reared their ugly heads, and it seems the Jungle isn't big enough for both of them. Contract Fee: 700z, I found a boy, but he just said "Lagiacrus! Subquest HR Points: 150 HR Points: 1570

Subquest Reward: N/A

We look like something the cat dragged in! Play as the slime covered animals in these games dedicated to frogs. Even you can manage that, right? Subquest Reward: 3300z Reward: 7200z Time Limit: 50 min. There's a special mushroom in the Verdant Hills, and I want some! Reward: 9300z Contract Fee: 900z, Oh, it's the lucky Prowler again. And people, I guess. - Calm Hunter, Location: Desert

- Ace Lancer. Environment: Stable Subquest Reward: 4500z Subquest Reward: 2700z I thought to challenge him regardless but, alas, was bested. Contract Fee: 2700z, I must have more pupils! I need you to go hunt a Barioth. Subquest HR Points: 30 Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: 4800z All is shrouded in darkness. HR Points: 1190

I'll give you the Quest, darling, but you're not to stay in there too long. Reward: 46200z Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 0z, Interested in gathering at the Ancestral Steppe, are we?

- Ace Commander, Location: Jungle How sweet! Reward: 7800z

Environment: Unstable

HR Points: 610 Subquest HR Points: 110 Time Limit: 50 min.

- Jittery Travler, Location: Verdant Hills (Night) Contract Fee: 2100z, Ah, Volcanic Hollow, beralt of life, where not a blade of grass nor cheerful swallow sings. - Whispering Village Chief, Location: Marshlands Please help! HR Points: 360 Seriously?

How about you, Hunter? - Embarrassing Eater, Location: Jungle HR Points: 1140 Subquest Reward: 3900z

Can you help us out and hunt them down before they break out and start rampaging? Subquest HR Points: 80 HR Points: 1140 - Meownster Hunters Liaison, Location: Volcano Reward: 28200z

We've had enough hunters coming back with heat stroke already. Time Limit: 35 min. Subquest Reward: 4500z Subquest Reward: 3300z In short, it's a Valstrax. Reward: 37800z - Wyverian Artisan, Location: Jungle Subquest HR Points: 40 - Furtive Felyne, Location: Jurassic Frontier Environment: Unstable

- Moga Chief's Son, Location: Deserted Island If you want to truly funk up your soul, there's only one place to go: the Volcano!

Environment: Unstable HR Points: 910 - Green-fingered Granny, Location: Dunes Break a leg! Subquest HR Points: 40

Subquest HR Points: N/A Well, I hope you'll wrap up warm. Environment: Stable

Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 11400z Can't tell you how happy that makes me!

Contract Fee: 1500z, The stage: the darkest marshlands, damp with haunting melancholy! DON'T LAUGH! Reward: 19500z Subquest Reward: 5100z Time Limit: 50 min. Now the party begins and we must all dance, dance, dance!

Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: N/A - Pub Manager, Location: Ruined Pinnacle

Reward: 41100z Can you take out the Rathian?

Unless some brave hunter wants to come and slay this thing for us? Environment: Stable

Okay? Any more of this and we won't have anywhere to go back to. Reward: 15600z Contract Fee: 1300z, Okay, just breathe, just breathe... Is this place trying to kill me!? WRONG. Subquest HR Points: 60 Environment: Unstable - Peacekeeping Aristocrat, Hunt a Hyper Gravios and a Hyper Nerscylla, Location: Primal Forest

Subquest HR Points: N/A No, save your concern. Time Limit: 50 min.

Time Limit: 50 min. It leaves hellfire in its wake!

Contract Fee: 2200z, Blazing sun! Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 1000z, Waaah! - Drifting Botanist, Location: Primal Forest I need to make a sword out of a dragon. - Newbie Arena Hand, Location: Arena

Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 2300z, Hey there, kid!

I suspect that the appearance of that Kushala Daora is responsible for the sudden changes in weather. Contract Fee: 0z, Ah, gathering time again? Time Limit: 50 min. They're so territorial... this can't end well! If you're who I know you are, you'll be able to take care of this with style.

Reward: 22800z - Hunter on a Break, Location: Desert Our PR hangs in the balance! Subquest Reward: N/A

Subquest Reward: 4800z Reward: 12z Contract Fee: 2300z, I rode out to the Frozen Seaway to challenge a white knight who is said to dwell there, but instead I found myself faced with an odd black-glowing knight in place of the white.

Hunter, could you please take care of it before I do something I regret? Subquest HR Points: 100

Reward: 12900z Contract Fee: 2900z, You're looking pretty huntlightened, we must say. Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 290 Contract Fee: ? Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Unstable Then we were attacked by the tingle king himself, Lagiacrus! Must complete the 7★ Hunters Hub Quest "Primal Forest Defense" and the G3 Hunters Hub Key Quest ". Contract Fee: 2800z, We were finally ready to sign a peace treaty with the neighboring military powers, but just as we were putting pen to paper, along comes a pair of Hyper wyverns!

I'm gonna go to the Volcano to find him. Reward: 24900z Subquest Reward: 4800z HR Points: 1010 I nearly turned into dinner when this Nibelsnarf with a seriously dark aura turned up! Reward: 13500z YOU do the hunting, Hunter! Reward: 27300z HR Points: 800 I'd be very grateful if you could take it on for me. And then tell them I was right and they should take me more seriously in future!!! Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: 1500z

HR Points: 830 Contract Fee: 1400z, I went to feed the Nerscylla, and it started getting a bit bitey.

Hyper Monsters fleeing the stench are hindering the recovery effort... What to do...? Subquest HR Points: 50 - Aptonoth Aficionado, Location: Volcano

They just won't stop farting! HR Points: 700

Contract Fee: 0z, So you're looking to gather at the Primal Forest, are you?

Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 13800z Subquest HR Points: 90

Contract Fee: 1900z, A Seltas Queen is nesting in the Jurassic Frontier! Wow!

Subquest HR Points: 100 Every day, it's head down, nose to the grindstone, hammering away.

Environment: Unstable You're gonna dip your soul in some o' that Lavasioth magic, baby! Environment: Unstable Time Limit: 50 min.

Pay attention to barricade integrity, and of course, keep an eye on the monster!

I was supposed to take care of an Iodrome but really, that poison!

We hid in a cave but we got soaked to the skin! Subquest Reward: N/A HR Points: 1120

Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 3300z, We're up at the Ruined Pinnacle on a survey but a Deviljho took us by surprise. Subquest Reward: N/A - Ex-Hunter Merchant, Location: Ancestral Steppe HR Points: 2080 After all. HR Points: 300

Contract Fee: 1900z, I saw...ulp...a Blangonga on the mountain.

Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min.

Subquest Reward: N/A HR Points: 340 Subquest HR Points: 130 I've located an outcrop where the rocks have been deformed by high electrical currents. Environment: Unstable Reward: 7800z I require Coal! - Well-traveled Merchant, Location: Frozen Seaway , It’s dumb..made one, captured frog...put frog in jar and it still says I need to make a frog habitat. Time Limit: 50 min.

Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 4200z, I gaze here up at the moon in the Misty Peaks, and oh, how beautiful it looks! So...fancy helping me fulfill my dream of riches? HR Points: 690 - Hen-pecked Hubby, Location: Volcanic Hollow Subquest HR Points: 120 Not to mention the dragon! Enjoy! Subquest Reward: 4200z

Unlocks Pristine Ore and Privilege at the Horns Coin Exchange. - Cha-Cha. Contract Fee: 1400z, Oh, Hunter, we're in trouble! At Home Treasure Hunt Instructions for parents. - Lively Researcher, Location: Desert Subquest HR Points: 80 Biiiig kage! Subquest Reward: 12600z Reward: 13200z Reward: 9300z

Subquest HR Points: 130 Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: 50

Shall we go and pay our friend a visit?


Contract Fee: 1900z, I see it! Contract Fee: 3300z, Forecasts says it should be clear, yet the blizzard goes on and on. - Pub Manager, Location: Volcanic Hollow

Subquest HR Points: 120 Subquest HR Points: 120 Like, dude, if the Volcano blows it'll take you with it! It sounds crazy, but my armor-crafting friend made a suit of hermetically sealed armor and...well, got swallowed whole by a Hyper Najarala.

Namely, how to shed the human need for sleep using the power of mushrooms! Must complete the 5★ Hunters Hub Quest "Desert Brawlers" and the G3 Hunters Hub Quests ", Must complete the G3 Hunters Hub Quests ".

They move a lot quicker than you'd expect! Reward: 9000z HR Points: 1210

Subquest Reward: 3900z

Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest Reward: 4500z

This may be a treasure that actually exists from the Confederate treasury however; it does not have anything to do with the K.G.C.

Contract Fee: 1900z, I came here with my meowster, but as we were exploring I felt a tingle in my meowstache. Reward: 21600z HR Points: 500 Environment: Unstable HR Points: 980 Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 2560 Reward: 45000z Reward: 48000z

HR Points: 1280 But catch this toxic monster, let me see; How hunting frogs may yet the hunted be. Subquest HR Points: 100 Subquest HR Points: N/A

All that remains is to hunt it down now. Contract Fee: 2700z, To learn the art of quick-draw, one's mind must be still as water. We can hold out, but there's a Hyper Blangonga nearby who could ruin everything!

Environment: Stable Reward: 10800z Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 3100z, An' ole pal o' mine asked if this here Caravaneer could take a gander at some Gravios a-nestin' in the Primal Forest. HR Points: 640 Reward: 13200z Subquest HR Points: 70 - Hearty Hunter, Location: Volcano Subquest Reward: 4800z Time Limit: 35 min.

- Felcote, Location: Sacred Pinnacle Contract Fee: 2700z, That thing we spotted up on the Arctic Ridge must have been the Phantom Beast. Subquest Reward: 2400z Subquest HR Points: 80 Subquest HR Points: 110

EVER! Subquest HR Points: 110

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