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This is a full-on fight to the finish with some funny facial expressions! We collected 308 of the best free online 2 player games. You have to select a card and use it for your own profit or to damage an opponent. New 2 player fighting games, shooting games, war games, car racing games.. Collect fruit and avoid enemies in this fun and strategic, arcade game! Enjoy fun arcade games, board games, sports/ ball games, shoot/ battle games, thinking strategy games to play against a friend or family member. The simple stickman-style graphics make this skill game very easy to play, so it’s a good introduction to the sport of badminton if you’ve never played it. In this category, you'll find two-player games where you and another person can battle each other for points or a big win while using the same computer (or tablet or smartphone).

Make it difficult for your opponent by putting their balls in awkward positions, and utilizing ‘safety play’ to your advantage.

First choose to play either the 1 player or 2 player game. Bubble Struggle, which is the successor of the highly popular classic arcade game from 2002-Bubble Trouble!

Cool 2-player games to play with your friends. This game is played with 16 balls; 1 cue ball (white), 7 striped balls, 7 solid-colored balls, and the black 8 ball. Use simple strategy and logic to try and get that often-elusive row of three X’s or O’s. Take on friends or family members in multiplayer mode, and find out once and for all who's boss at reaction-speed game playing! Be careful, the further you jump the harder you fall.

Then, click 'Fire' to shoot. Take on other players in board games, MMO games, strategy games, and even social games in this great collection of 2 player games. This unique, fast-paced skill game will really test your quick reactions. A two square move removes your original blob. Dash around the court, leap through the air, and perform cool slam shots – all to try to get the shuttlecock back on your opponents’ side of the net. Wards cards are used to perform different actions. Get ready to see all kinds of madcap goal-scoring feats!

Good Luck! You can team up with a friend or battle them to the death in these free online games.

Tic Tac Toe is an easy-to-play online version of the timeless classic 2-player pencil & paper game of the past, also known as Naughts and Crosses. Use all these three attributes to play a really smart game and challenge yourself against the best! Remember, you have 5 shots each go, so use them wisely! The winner has the most blobs when the board is filled. As well as the physical attributes needed for classic platform games (good hand-eye coordination, sharp observation skills, fast reactions, savvy keyboard control), you must also figure out some tricky problem-solving tasks such as teleportation, door switch opening, and more.

You need to be quick with your fists and fast on your feet to win this battle. This is proper three-dimensional fighting action! Reasons to play this tank battle arcade game: This is a simple, easy-to-play tank battle game with no frills – just eliminate the approaching enemy tanks to progress. See which one you can manage! You can even paint your character! Your ultimate goal is to try and pocket the black 8 ball. Crunchball is a very physical game, you have to charge into opponents to get the ball back – there are no fouls.
Games of Tic Tac Toe often end up in a tie, so try to confuse your opponent with unorthodox moves and super-fast play. If you’d rather collaborate than dive into an intense conflict, see if you can pull off a heist together in the Money Movers games. Football Heads 2014 World Cup is a fast and furious skill-based game for kids & teens where you must outscore your opponent in a hectic two-minute game of ‘football heads’. Then choose the difficulty level (beginner, experienced) for the battle to begin. You control the motorcycle through a series of daredevil high speed rides and races. Copyright © 2020 SPIL GAMES All rights reserved. You can also play this as a 2 Player army teamwork challenge, with one player controlling tank movement and the other in charge of the aiming and firing! Games were always created to connect people, so two-player games are some of the best fun possible while playing video games.

AZ is a straight-forward yet addicting online shooting action game for kids & teens where two or three players engage in a furious maze-based conflict featuring speedy tanks, huge explosives, and more! Fans of classic arcade game should enjoy the fast-paced, chasing action here. OK, ready to engage? You have 8 minutes to pocket all of the balls. It’s the end of the 29th century, and all sports have been banned – apart from Crunchball, a high-octane, goal-scoring sport. The red line above the penguin's head indicates the level of injury you have caused to the enemy and vice versa. Prepare for a feast of goals, gaffes, and super-fast football action with this wacky, soccer-ized mash-up of air-hockey and pinball! There are three playing modes – Easy, Difficult and Hard. All three modes pack a deadly punch and require solid striking and evading skills. You can find 1 player games in this category. This game can also be played with other people online, and additionally there is a co-op mode in which two players can play on the same screen! Featured best games are presented here for you. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. In a fierce, one-on-one encounter, your objective is clear; blast your enemy with your deadly laser weapon. Bonne chance - Good luck Admiral! Bad Ice Cream 2 is a stimulating, reactions-based skill game for one or two players where you must safely guide a determined ice cream cone around a confined maze, gobbling up juicy fruit pieces while avoiding enemies. Play a fun, high-intensity, side-scrolling, endless running-style skill game with solo player and multi-player options: G-Switch 3 is a cool, gravity-altering, speed-running action game for up to 8 players where you use sharp reaction skills to control a speedy robotic daredevil on a chaotic obstacle course filled with multi-tiered ledges, obstacles, and ravine drops. Pool Maniac is a skill and strategy-based, pocket billiards (pool) game for older kids, teens and grown-ups with 3 different modes of play: 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Time Mode. Time Mode: A single player game that is played with 16 balls; 1 cue ball (white), 14 red balls and one 9 ball. Speed and agility are the key to playing badminton, so you’ll need quick reactions and nifty fingers to win each contest. Enter as a single player against the course, or play as two players with a best friend or family member, or create an amazing multiplayer tournament where up to 8 players can play at the same time on the same computer! Compete against the computer or a friend in a strategic race to get three O’s or X’s in a row. Click the 'Begin Battle' icon to start the game. Forget about fancy weapons, power-ups and add-ons, this is a straightforward one-on-one contest where skill and cool heads prevail. Take on other players in board games, MMO games, strategy games, and even social games in this great collection of 2 player games. You can team up with a friend or battle them to the death in these free online games. Try not to leave your tank in the one position for more than a couple of seconds – Dodge and weave around the battlefield to confuse your enemies.

These include collecting diamonds, flipping switches, opening trapdoors, leaping onto moving ledges, and more!

It's time to go head-to-head!

This fun punch-em-up game will certainly keep you on your toes! A new PAR appears before each level. Good luck! Reckon you have what takes to finish the ride before the timer runs out? Play as a singular ice cream raider, or team up with a partner to make a deadly duo! Click on the highlighted space to complete your move. Fun 2PG arcade action games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, high school age students. Its a fun and addicting bubble shooting game (1 / 2 player) where you play the part of a devil-like character (dressed here in a trenchcoat, yellow T-shirt and bright orange shorts). Its back and remastered! You can play against the computer in Career Mode or against a friend in 2 Player Mode. Select 1 player or 2 player game to start. Many board game players have this consistently at the top of their lists. 2 Player games support a maximum of 2 players. There's tons of fun to be had in these awesome online games! Click 'default' and 'use' at the bottom of the page if you want to play the default version of the game with a selected number of cards. Strategy to win: The key here is good strategy and deft / steady mouse control. Your aim is to eliminate all the enemy penguin squads on each level in order to advance your campaign (you must knock the little guys off their iceberg ships), Choose to play a new campaign to play individually, or the 2 player game option to play with your friend or family member. Here, you play the role of a virtual badminton-playing stick man, or a futuristic badminton robot!

You can see your health bars (yours and your opponents) at the top of the game screen.

You can choose to play as 1 player against the computer, and try and reach the top of leader board, or you can play as 2 players - against a friend or family member. Place your battleships strategically and develop a good strategy for destroying your opponent's ships. Your goal is to knock out the other guy (punch him until he can’t get up). Here, you get to guide a laser-firing, jumping robot / droid character around a confined, ledge-filled battlefield. Control the direction and distance (power) of your shot with the 'Drag' icon using your mouse. There’s no time limit, so you can plan your next deadly strike before you move.
You must try to pocket all of the balls in ascending number order before your opponent does. Strategy to win: Try to combine good ‘front foot’ attacking play with smart defensive movement. Once you get a good hit in, keep attacking relentlessly as otherwise your opponent will get up and will punch your socks off! Sharp reactions and keyboard-tapping skills are extremely important here as you try to predict the path of the rapidly-ricocheting soccer ball. Choose the board, and start playing. Quick reactions and sharp keyboard tapping skills are key to tank-blasting success in this fun 2D Flash shooting game. New 2 player fighting games, shooting games, war games, car racing games.. © 2003-2020 Learn4Good Ltd: Fun Online Games for Kids, Fireboy & Watergirl 4 in The Crystal Temple. Good games for 2 players online on the same computer with a friend: Free online two player games for kids, teens (girls & boys) to play now on the web. Many board games require groups of people to play, but there are a lot that don’t, so we asked seven gaming experts to recommend the best two-player games for couples or roommates. Select a blob on your team by clicking on it using your computer mouse.

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