volleyball spike drills

It's no accident that a successful volleyball spike is also known as a "kill." One of the players will set the ball to the passer, who will pass it back to the setter. Viewed: 1392 times, Read The shagger then shags the ball and the players all rotate positions with the passer becoming the setter, the setter becoming the shagger and the shagger becoming the passer.

The partner starting with the ball tosses it to his partner who passes the ball back to him. This stands as the most fun drills for volleyball spiking. 300+ A third player should stand on the opposite side of the net to shag the ball. Standing approximately 10 feet from the wall, the player should balance the ball in her non-dominant hand, extending the elbow so that arm is straight, and raising the arm up and across her body so it sits at roughly head-height in front of the opposite shoulder. When the ball bounces off the floor, it will hit the wall and ricochet back toward the player. Outlast your opponent because of superior conditioning. Players must position themselves close to the n... Volleyball Spike And Receive 4 Passing Drills Players work in pairs and have a ball each. The coach needs a bunch of balls at his side, a line of players opposite him, and one "setter" off to the right side between the coach and players. Volleyball Hitting Drills For One Person (Solo) The “Hitting From The Box” drill listed above is an ideal one-person drill, but often you won’t have a net or a hitting box when you are trying to improve on your own, so here are some other drills to help. Skills, Drills, Clinics, and Videos for College, High School, and Club Coaches

Practice them regularly and in no time they will be masters of the potentially devastating spike! It's Blocking Time - Develop your players blocking technique, then sit back and watch them block shots that come their way! Step-by-step coaching the spike session - Develop your players' attacking game by introducing them to this lethal jumping hit! Most people eventually narrow their choice down between the following three: They are all great volleyball spiking approach. It is worth noting that this volleyball drill is performed without a ball. The players make a line along the sideline. Each player should continue to repeat the wall spiking drill for several minutes and then switch to using their non-dominant hand. Get a good coach and practice a technique called wiping the block. Hands up! Spiking is a vital skill in volleyball. Hitters form a column in zone 6. You need to watch him or her to determine where and how to position yourself for a significant spike. Viewed: 1392 times, Read How do i teach 9 and 10 year olds to serve? This player then passes to ... Start the game by volleying the ball over the net to the player at the back of court they overhand pass the ball to the player at the net who sets ... Two receiver stand in zone 6 and 6, while one setter is in zone 3.
Pair up, warm up with balls, toss, spike (one on the net, other on the baseline)PassingSpike or tip to the partners head (defend & catch)Spike or ... Slam, spike, pass, set. Keep your fingers together as you hit the ball with the center of your hand. The setter assumes his position of right front. However, here are a few tips that will help you be a better spiker. It’s an incredibly effective way to score points against a team’s opponent by slamming the ball over the net aggressively and if a player is well trained in spiking it’s likely that the opposing team will have no chance to save it.

Footwear | Fitness Apparel | Outdoor Gear. Simple drills will help players learn approach, […] She digs the volleyball high and I immediately recover. more, judy eli, Volleyball Coach She holds a master's degree in exercise and sport science education from Texas State University, as well as a B.A. To maintain your balance by bending your knees as you land.

This drill is to enhance players with hitting skill using high ball contact to hit over block as possible. Ensure that you approximate the distance appropriately, so you don’t take a step too short or too long. However, after using all of these volleyball spiking drills extensively for the past months, I’ve discovered that one of these actually holds a surprising advantage over the other. I'm teaching the Elevate Yourself Spiking Power Camp during the summer for 4 weeks, from June - July, on Tuesday's and Thursday's. software for managing & marketing your events.

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