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Am a strong member of the Catholic Church. The two biggest differences between the Catholic faith and the Eastern Orthodox faith, boils down to two main disputes: Here are a few minor differences for your convenience: who proceeds from the Father and the Son. Christ was incarnated by the Holy Spirit and became man. God forbid!!! The importance of a great big church door, of Christ, and a knocking. Those doors—those heavy, old oak doors—were my first sacramental experience of the Catholic faith. More have died since 1900 then the previous 19 centuries.

Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit.

No one comes to the Father except through Me. To my surprise—and surprise indeed—the idea that baptism was merely a symbol, that the Lord’s supper wasn’t meant to be really flesh and blood, and that grace wasn’t a thing that could be delivered through tangible means were actually new inventions in the long lineage of Christian thought. Thus the use of Latin couldn’t be overstressed as the writer of this post would like to pointout. Sorry they are idols or graven image,in the book revelation it says to come out of her my people its an adultrous church filled w/paganism that why God JESUS Christ say to search an seek the scriptures for yourself I would take the chance w/my soul for any human teaching the lies contrary to Gods HOLY word.it a personal relationship w/GOD an he wants it that way you should NEVER follow after any man.,God bless you may the holy SPIRIT enlighten you in all TRUTH JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE,have a great day. But doctrines do not change…and have never changed. I AM THE WAY… The truth and the life… So my brother …to be a Christian… You must believe what Jesus Christ said… If you will search Jesus Christ … Then you will become a Christian… Then you pray…and God will send you to the correct church…. Romans 3 v 25 says all have sinned.

God made the Jews, who were descendants of Abraham from Mesopotamia, his chosen people. • Categorized under Religion | Differences Between the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. As if you add to a bologna’s sauce , soya, chilli, tamarind.

But I know now what I didn’t know then and it’s kind of remarkable. 3. The bread used in the Orthodox Church is risen,living and broken. Antioch for example was the oldest seat of a a patriarch (older than Constantinople or Rome), but it’s not in Greece, it’s in modern day Turkey. You are so right, Mary. As an evangelical Christian, it through faith and faith alone. Jason Manners (if you checked the email follow-up box): Seriously, no religious wars? To us, she’s a symbol of piety, honor and dignity as the Quran embodied her. From the outside, as an Evangelical, I saw the Catholic Church as yet another denomination in a large landscape of Christians traditions. Judgement day is coming by the will of God and no one will ever know when that will occur no matter what they say or what they do. Orthodox church allows marriage within their priesthood while Catholic church does not. Their spiritual officers are categorized the same: They believe in the same three bodies of the Holy Trinity: The Virgin Mary is held in such high esteem in both faiths. Being a Muslim if you read Quran you find many instances and references of prophet Mariam and prophet Jesus. Jesus Christ is the KING OF KINGS.

I think that something had spoken to me, call it God if you must but since then even though I still abhor organised religion, I am more open to the concept of a human destiny overseen by a creative force that is very much beyond our full comprehension. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox believers both believe in the same God. This doctrine is found nowhere in the gospels or epistles, because it was wholly unnecessary and is obviously false.

The man next to Jesus at the crucifixon went to heaven because he believed that Jesus was innocent. Believe that Yeshua (Jesus) died for you and was resurrected and you will be delivered from death.He loves you and will hear you when you pray! The Ordinary Form of the Catholic Mass hasn’t used Latin for half a century. So we’ll never really know for sure if Mary was forever a virgin. They also have differences in the calculations of the days pertaining to Easter and Christmas. But when Islam started to flourish, the primary centers of focus became Constantinople and Rome. please can you back this up with scipture, I can’t find it please help. I 100% agree with you Jon. This is trash. The two have vastly different social structures, and when it comes to humans; social structures dictate everything.

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