weird british children's tv shows

But I was terrified and still think about it now!

Throughout the segment, a child and a creepy wolf-like puppet repeat "los dientes! Those who have good memories of this show probably only remember the animated version that came later which was relatively harmless and most likely aren’t aware of the marionette version that came before. Despite poor production values and a condescending attitude, Bibleman has become surprisingly popular in America (probably more popular with parents than with kids), even spawning a chain of all-singing all-dancing stage shows in which Bibleman’s rapping sidekick, Cypher, and masked cliché, Biblegirl, really come into their own. Sort of like the Sleestaks from the 1974 television show Land of the Lost. Haven't read Marianne Dreams for years, but this gave me goosebumps pic.twitter.com/x2Ypx2wd2g. The 1970s and 80s were a golden era for films and TV shows that set out to scare kids.

It was repeated at least once, but unlike the 'Tomorrow People', seems to have slipped into obscurity.

It's driving me mad! look. New, in box, Terrahawk action figures now go for around $350 each! I don't particularly remember everything since i was really small but i'm dying to know the show's name. I have no doubt as to the mental and physical benefits of yoga, but EI EI Yoga was just beyond the pale- WOW!!! Anne Wood of Teletubbies fame (if it can be called fame) was responsible for creating this Anglo-American monstrosity. I would question the claim that some of those are lesser known, I remember,fondly ,the majority of those.Highlights from my growing up years were Gilberts Fridge, CBTV,Runaround,Erasmus Microman,Fat Tulips Garden ,Heads and Tails and Hold Tight.One theme that was quite common amongst kids TV in those days was how they treated kids with respect and didn't talk to or dumb down when creating programmes.Gilbert was a comedy genius ,totally off the cuff ,no script,brilliant TV. Even worse, the eyes seem to move independently of each other and with her mouth flying all over her face, dirtgirl constantly makes some very disturbing facial expressions. The only band I can remember being on when we were there was the Shillelagh Sisters. Thanks. They live on a small barren moon where their only natural food source is …

12-year-old Matthew tells his parents about Chocky, his new imaginary friend.

'Let's Pretend' also sticks in my memory, as a fairly long-running entry into ITV's lunchtime kid's line-up, rotating with the likes of the classic 'Rainbow' and the little-remembered 'Mooncat and Co' (another lesser-known-series, initially starring Beryl Reid and called 'Get Up and Go'). The show first hit TV screens trough 1959-1960 and then again in 1972. That freaked me out everytime that character came on! The recurring character Mr. Blobby, though, is the terrifying elephant in the room that made UK kids both laugh and feel very uncomfortable at the same time. Like the Roman times or the battle of 1066 etc. !1 And she still gives me the creeps. Haha, I was on my school's Hold Tight team in c 1984 or 1985, I was the one on the snakes and ladders board.

Perhaps whoever bred this group of lobotomized idiots decided that it would be in everybody’s best interests to isolate them from the civilized world. A boy called Tolly spends Christmas with his Great Grandmother at Green Knowe, a large old house - where he befriends his long-dead relatives, and has a run-in with a demonic tree-spirit. Some will just leave them scarred for life. How many have you seen? They don’t talk, they squeak. I must admit that I’ve only watched one episode of this, but that was bizarre enough. Hartley the Hare in particular looked like roadkill that was used at the last minute to film-- perfect for kids, right? What a crazy life those Teletubbies live. Excellent blog! The '80s PBS classic series Slim Goodbody was clearly a well-meaning attempt to teach kids how to stay healthy. These posts here are the only reference I have ever found. His abandoned home, which looked like something out of a creepypasta, was demolished in 2014.

There’s a bunch of other weird imagery that pops up every now and then like naked cartoon monkeys and virtually featureless, rubbery human characters but it’s the airplanes themselves that really take the horror of the uncanny valley and bludgeon our children with it. Why are they laughing? Marionettes are creepy enough by themselves, but when they come in strange shapes vaguely resembling anthropomorphic animals wearing clothing operated by amateurs who clearly forgot how a body is supposed to move, the creepiness factor skyrockets. 'Windfalls' I don't even remember but looks like it should have been made 15 years earlier, when the animation style and the whole vibe would have made it right at home alongside the classics of that era and no doubt I would have loved it; at the tail-end of the '80s it looks a bit out of it's time and maybe is why it's not really remembered.
The Clangers is a 1970s TV classic, beloved by adults and children alike. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The opening titles always stuck in my mind of scenes around a lake, dragonflies, fish jumping etc? One can't help but wonder what exactly they were thinking with the whole skin-tight innards suit our healthy hero would often sport, but there's something about a naked man with visible organs in a very wide stance that just really makes use want a large serving of vegetables. They know it’s time to sleep when the roof of the gazebo in the center of the garden begins to spin. How are new planes “born”? We also can't forget anything that involved Slappy the Dummy or the Ring-like vibe of "Say Cheese And Day", which surprisingly starred a young Ryan Gosling.

I watched a programme at Primary school in the 80’s and it was about this glass bottle, I think it was green, that he had found. Can anyone remember a show from the late 70s/early 80s for young kids and the intro had different coloured balls of plasticine which bounced along. Does nobody remember The Silver Sword, a children's series set in WW2, about three child refugees (Edek, Bronya and I forget the other name)?

Maybe Catweazle, lived in a disused water tower near a farm.

Some children’s shows on TV teach the children about colors, numbers and the alphabet. Liked it? He either found it in a school playground or a park and I think the bottle glowed. And, thanks, I'm slowly uncovering the forgotten side of British TV one article at a time.

This one creeps the bejesus out of me – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiIZYHYoQpA. Does anyone remember this animal show where in a particular episode there were a bunch of animals participating in a race. There was a show at aired on KABC TV back in the mid 1970’s called Domingo! Agree about Dirt Girl. all around her town/village? Also, Teletubbies has been rumored to be gay propaganda because of Tinky Winky’s color, the triangle on his head and the fact that he carries a handbag.

His kryptonite is sugar, which causes him to go into ‘sugar meltdown’. Someone please remember a program with a family of kids living in a big weird house and a strange alien/fury animal puppet that lived either downstairs or in the garden???? Predict the winner, Strictly Come Dancing 2020 celebrity line up: meet this year's pairings, What’s on TV tonight: Don’t Rock the Boat, Deliveroo: Secrets of Your Takeaway, and more, Last night’s TV: what Telegraph reviewers made of American Nightmare: Trump's Breadline Kids, and more, Strictly Come Dancing 2020, week 2 recap: Jacqui Smith trotted round the ballroom like a drunk pony, American Nightmare: Trump's Breadline Kids, review: the shattering unfairness of the US poverty line, Final Ascent: The Legend of Hamish MacInnes, review: an extraordinary life in need of some stardust, Strictly Come Dancing 2020: Week 2 results - samba-ing politician Jacqui Smith gets voted out first, Strictly Come Dancing, week 2 talking points: HRVY and Maisie Smith tied at top after delayed live show, Arqiva signals it is not up for the fight to take on Netflix.
I remember an episode (or it may have been more of the intro) which featured mosaics. A boy tried to help her but she was abducted and the series followed his attempts to free her and their attempts to get what they wanted by chemical and psychological methods. The programme you’re describing is ‘Rebecca’ (about the doll) - incidentally, my name and I used to find it weird. I also seem to remember it having quite a a promoted debut (as in, a few more TV Times features and Children's ITV promos than usual! Unfortunate, it isn't-- Children of the Stones is generally considered to be the scariest program to ever be made for kids. in the early 80s that featured a few standard human presenters who come together to solve riddles and puzzles along with the children watching. Any ideas? could.

I remembered being utterly terrified! The faces dominate the planes they are stuck onto, have bulbously inflated features and are strangely rigid. Most people think that it was a strange dream.

Really hoping someone can help!!! The lad who played Jonny Briggs appeared opposite Sue Devaney on Celebrity Pointless a couple of weeks back. Chocky, it turns out, is not imaginary at all... Scared me then, scares me now. The Addams Family (1964 TV series) The Addams Family (1973 animated series) The Addams Family (1992 animated series) Adventure Florida; The Adventure Game; Adventures from the Book of Virtues (2001-2004) The Adventures of Abney & Teal; The Adventures of Blinky Bill; The Adventures of the Garden Fairies; The Adventures of Parsley; The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy I’ve always assumed that the tubby-Tronic Superdome (the Teletubbies’ high tech hobbit home) is some kind of alien insane asylum, prison or care home. We're not sure what made the creators of Tipi Tales think that ultra realistic but somehow still caricaturized puppets were a good idea for casting the characters, but it wasn't. Greenclaws’ hobbies included music, cookery, and painting but his real passion was gardening, evidenced by the fact that he lived in a giant greenhouse.

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