western addition redevelopment

As we have seen, World War II was responsible for the great influx of blacks into San Francisco. “We tolerated each other and were decent to each other. At the time, city leaders favored a boulevard that bypassed, via an underpass, the old Fillmore Street shopping district in favor of a planned shopping center at the peak of Geary Street where a major department store was already established. Sullivan himself met an unhappy fate.
The first driver was a black man named Robert Gray. In 1930 the co-owner of Nippon Drugs was a man named J. Hatsuto Yamada, who lived eight blocks away at Bush and Divisadero. Late one summer night in 2011 I walked the entire length of Fillmore, from Geary to Haight. In its story about the dire situation there, the Chronicle interviewed Robert Flippen, the respected black director of the just-built Westside Courts project, at Bush and Baker. The fact that the “slum area” had been first a Japanese and then a black neighborhood clearly led officials to view Japantown as a kind of urban cancer that needed to be cut out. With the exception of old people, few Japanese Americans live in Japantown today. 1712 Fillmore, formerly home of Jimbo's Bop City at 1690 Post, We talked briefly about the redevelopment fiasco. By 1930, almost half of all the 5,000 blacks in the city lived in the neighborhood. For one of its buildings has a history so rich and strange that an entire book could be written about it. © By Gary Kamiya, excerpted with permission (see bottom for more info).

Some found housing in the apartments that were quickly constructed in Hunters Point, but thousands more units were needed. But as he also correctly notes, “in the Western Addition . “Dr.

Facing 60 angry men, 2 men rose to defend Miyama. The ILWU and Western Addition Redevelopment A-2. He tried to get a job at the shipyards, but the union refused to hire blacks. Before the war, the city had fewer than 5,000 black residents. There may be an unconscious connection between the “strategic bombing” that left Berlin a heap of rubble and the urban renewal that eviscerated America’s inner cities. The block of Fillmore Street between Post and Sutter, as described below.

A geologist would call the block of Fillmore Street between Post and Sutter a “triple junction.” It’s one of those three-way collisions where a swanky part of town crashes into a seedy one, while a completely different quarter sideswipes both of them.
By 1970, the U.S. Congress eventually passed the Uniform Relocation Act which set the stage for more orderly and open redevelopment activities and provided for an increase in relocation benefits for residents, property owners and businesses. In late August 1945, more than 60 members of the AFL Machinists Union threatened to strike after they learned that a 37-year-old Nisei named Takeo Miyama had been placed as a mechanic with the Municipal Railway. Some owned property; the exact percentage is unclear. Displaced working-class people from the burned-out downtown and South of Market areas poured in. “They just sugar ’em up a little.” As for the big housing projects built in the 1960s, they proved to be far more efficient petri dishes for growing crime and social pathologies than the crumbling old Victorians they replaced. The mile-long stretch of Fillmore and its side streets was packed with more than 2 dozen clubs. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency was duly created in 1948, but for 10 years it did almost nothing. As a result, city leaders opened a relocation assistance office in February 1958 in the YMCA/YWCA building because it was centrally located and represented “a symbol of service” to the social needs of the community.

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