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He also stars in his own separate segment of the show called, The historical text and possibly the talking bill from, A green-clad hero who made a cameo appearance in. Aelita Schaeffer •

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger • Frankie Foster •

Cheese •

White tigers are featured as a wild, tamable "pet" companion in Guild Wars Factions. Stinkfly •

Max Tennyson • Numbuh 5 •

He is voiced by Frank Welker. An orange-skinned beast-man who made a cameo appearance in "Rasslor." There was a 200 kg (450 lb) male cross-eyed white tiger at the Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo in Hawaii, which was donated to the zoo by Las Vegas magician Dirk Arthur.
Justice Friend Counterpart Description White Tiger: Black Panther and White Tiger A White Tiger who has cat-like powers. Tiki Torch • Despite being called "White Tiger", he acts more like a common house cat, doing things such as purring, playing with yarn, drinking milk, chasing mice, enjoy being petted, using litter boxes and clawing scratching posts. Siamese cats and albinos of every species which have been studied all exhibit the same visual pathway abnormality found in white tigers. It was a nickname given to him as a child to denote that he was unique in the "jungle" (his hometown), that he was smarter than the others. Hazel • Mr. Black and Mr. White • Allowing him to move at amazing speeds and cut down anything in his way to pieces with relative ease. White Tiger is the cat superhero member of The Justice Friends. Robo-Dexo 2000 •

Chloe Park • Hanna-Barbera Heroes •

Silkie, Jeremie Belpois • When stressed or confused, all white tigers cross their eyes. [6] Mutations in the same gene are known to underlie the cream coloration of horses,[6] and play a role in the paler skin of humans of European descent. He is voiced by Frank Welker. Odd Della Robbia • Bloo • • Skips • BMO • Numbuh 60 • Batgirl • The abnormality is that there is a disruption in the optic chiasm. Dexter's Laboratory. Raj • Bismuth •
Global Security • Continued inbreeding appears to have caused a recessive gene for stripelessness to show up. However, his suit may actually be his real body, as his mouth was seen opening on his "mask" and he was seen licking his "fur". Blossom • Richard, See Also:

Gravattack • Margaret Smith •

Ice Bear • Cannonbolt •

Scooby-Doo Heroes • Outcrossing is not necessarily done with the intent of producing more white cubs by resuming inbreeding further down the line.

[25][26] This condition is similar to albino mutations and causes bluish lightening of the fur color, crossed eyes, and prolonged bleeding after surgery. [17][18][19], The orange litter-mates of white tigers are not prone to strabismus. Zed • Also, in the event of an injury, the blood is slow to coagulate. Más y Menos • (1987) "Clinical Management of Captive Tigers", p. 186 in Ronald Lewis Tilson, Ulysses S. Seal (eds.

Shockquatch •

Amy Rose • Eddy • Because Tony's genome is present in many white tiger pedigrees, the gene may also be present in other captive white tigers. Rigby • In Colleen Houck's series beginning with the novel Tiger's Curse, one of the main characters, Ren, is shown as a white tiger. Numbuh 274 • Diamondhead • He is a parody of both Black Panther and White Tiger. Good Empress • Outcrossing is a way of bringing fresh blood into the white strain. We lost two additional cubs from viral pneumonia, which is not excessive.

As with all tigers, the white Bengal tiger’s stripes are like fingerprints, with no two tigers having the same pattern.

Eduardo •

Bubbles • Outside of India, inbred white tigers have been prone to crossed eyes, a condition known as strabismus,[15] due to incorrectly routed visual pathways in the brains of white tigers. Huntress Wizard, Mordecai •

Can you dye clothes with spinach? Julie Yamamoto • Sir Rothchild • Superman • A White Tiger who has cat-like powers.

https://dexterslab.fandom.com/wiki/Justice_Friends?oldid=39877. Enid • Mina Monroe • The Justice Friends: Bee Where?

This is the only Dexter's Laboratory segment that does not have cameos of the other two segments of the show with the exception of. White Tiger has been known to team up with fellow Justice Friends member Valhallen, as he is seen helping Valhallen in defeating Mental Mouse.

Kid Flash • Arella Roth • Adorabat • Hot Dog • Tanya Keys, Tulip Olsen •

[32] In the mid-1980s they offered to work with the Indian government in the creation of a healthier strain of white tigers.

[35] The central character and narrator refers to himself as "The White Tiger".

[30] The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Bay had four of these white Amur tigers, descended from Robert Baudy's stock. DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • Beast Boy •

Video games including white tigers include Zoo Tycoon, the Warcraft universe, and Perfect World International. Action Hank •

White Tiger is the cat superhero member of The Justice Friends. Numbuh 86 • Skurd • Timmy Tantrum • Eye guy • Without data from non-inbred tiger lines, it is difficult to determine whether this number is high or low with any degree of accuracy. Aqualad • (1987) "White Tiger Phantom Or Freak? He treated a pair of white tigers from the Cincinnati Zoo at Fritz Wurm's safari park in Stukenbrock, Germany, for salmonella poisoning, which reacted strangely to the anaesthesia.[24].

Pud'n • Muscle Man • Transformers Heroes. Feedback • Crashhopper • The Justice Friends are brought together. White Tiger is also the name of an American glam metal band from the 1980s. Ulrich Stern • Jillian Vegan, Sonic • Cincinnati Zoo director Ed Maruska said: "We have not experienced premature death among our white tigers. This condition has been observed in domestic cats, but there has never been a case of a white tiger having Chédiak-Higashi syndrome. Stinkfly • Robin • Lapis Lazuli •

"[14] A weakened immune system is directly linked to reduced pigmentation in white tigers. The Scotsman •

Ms. Keane •

A superhero named White Tiger appears in "The Justice Friends" in Dexter's Laboratory. Edwin Henry Landseer also drew this tigress in 1824. Princess Bubblegum • Capital G • Gnarrk • Kim •

When the neurons pass from the retina to the brain and reach the optic chiasma, some cross and some do not, so that visual images are projected to the wrong hemisphere of the brain. His nature as an actual feline is further enforced by the fact that his fur has the same allergic reaction on Major Glory that an ordinary cat's fur would. Professor Utonium •

Connie Maheswaran • A trained white tiger from the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario, Canada, was used in the Animorphs TV series. Madame Foster •

Nicole Watterson •

Tuba, Lion-O • Not as tame as Mantecore was, Anastasia turns on Gunter and Ernst and attacks them.

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