william and margaret patterson

In 1794, he married Margaret Houston, whose family had already been in the Carolinas for at least two generations. Signed in pencil (twice); one in the image, lower left and also below, lower right. Select this result to view William S Patterson Sr.'s phone number, address, and more. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons, so to speak. Legend has it they traveled in wagon party over the winter of 1737/38, their father Isaiah Harrison dying along the way. Signed in pencil, lower right, within the image. That impression is dated 1921 in pencil. When asked why he had the Pattersons’ car, Kirkland reportedly told Cecil Ward that he and William had worked on his boat the previous night, and that the Pattersons were “going on a little vacation.”. The Pattersons, who lived in the 3000 block of Piedmont Drive, were last seen between March 5 and 6, 1957, according to police records. Cash, the last known person to see the Pattersons alive, told police, “I took some (Girl Scout) cookies to Mrs. Patterson, and she seemed very upset,” Cash told the El Paso Times in a March 18, 2013, article. In addition, he lived during a significant period of American history, as the debate between northern and southern political interests raged on. William Patterson 1846 - 1920. Since the Fall of 2018 I have been engaged in three separate writing projects.

Those theories create mystery — and everybody loves a mystery. The condition is fine apart from a small ink smudge in the blank area at left, probably which occurred during the course of the printing process. Individuals are listed singly if there are significanct items in this collection. This impression is illustrated on page 40 of, Arthur Wesley Dow and American Arts and Crafts, by Nancy E. Green and Jessie Poesch, 1999, page 40. The paper is Patterson's typical sturdy, somewhat thick Japanese paper which is especially well-suited for intensely rubbing the colors onto the paper from the back of the sheet.SOLD, Summer FlowersWoodcut printed in colors, 1920s, Bakker 100a, intended edition of 100. She also listed her address as Trinity Court, Boston. By Diana Washington Valdez. This does not affect the front of the sheet in any way. And I Thought There Wasn't Much To Find On Him! Any living witness is most likely dead by now. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what his opinions were of the major issues of the day and can only speculate, based on his property, his position in society and a few fragmentary pieces of evidence. According to a 2005 El Paso Times article, “the case was cold and stayed that way for the next 20 years. This is the quintessential American arts and crafts floral color woodcut. Jacob Albert Patterson 1850 - 1914. The police were unable to trace him. Signed and titled in pencil just below the image. El Paso, Texas. William and his wife Margaret were last seen at their residence in the 3000 block of Piedmont Drive in El Paso, Texas on March 5, 1957. Together they had at least two children. WILLIAM PATTERSON, father of Robert "R" Patterson, died ca 1711-15, probably in Ireland. 7 1/8 x 10 1/8 in. Anchondo, who is no longer with the Crimes Against Persons unit, said that was the team's last lead. Cecil Ward, a friend of the Pattersons, reported the couple missing Aug. 15, 1957, a shocking five months later. 7 1/4 x 10 in.

Most of the following records are from online newspaper records - all but one. Your email address will not be published. Their old house in the 3000 block of Piedmont was known by generations of El Pasoans as the “haunted house.” Over the years, several theories emerged to explain what happened to them: They were kidnapped, they met with foul play, they left everything behind to start a new life elsewhere, they were spies or they were abducted by space aliens. This is a rare, annotated proof before the formal edition. This print is not numbered but her prints occasionally turn up as such.
Abigail Patterson (c. 1737/40 - after Nov. 1740) - may have been alive in 1797? … My boy has done things like this before. This exceptional, vibrant impression is printed on the typical study, fibrous wove paper. 10 3/8 x 7 3/8 in. 11 x 8 7/8 in. The margins measure about 1/2" all around but this is most likely the full, untrimmed sheet as printed. Their disappearance was front page news in El Paso, and even around Texas. (This impression is originally from the estate of the artist.)

Signed titled and numbered just below the image. “I think they were spies,” El Paso County Sheriff Leo Samaniego told the El Paso Times in 2005. 52-year old William “Pat” Patterson and his 42-year old wife, Margaret Patterson, vanish without explanation from their home, leaving everything behind. The intended edition of this print is 100 but certainly far fewer were printed due to the complex and demanding nature of the printing process. The colors are especially vibrant. After William Patterson died, Margaret remarried to a, John Adams died sometime during the 1720's, and Margaret thereafter was known as, Margaret was known for most of her life as, Furthermore, Margaret is also known widely on the Internet as ". Part of the Manuscript Collections, J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections and University Archives, UNC Charlotte Repository, Staff Interface The print is trimmed along the edge of the image (by the artist) and attached at the top to a black paper support sheet which extends slightly beyond the print Required fields are marked *. Patterson,” which was odd since William’s middle name was Durrell. Mary Patterson (c. 1735/40 - after 1744) - no further info. The margins are irregular but probably full. Signed in pencil (twice), numbered and also titled by the artist. The margins were trimmed by the artist to just outside the borderline.

He married Elizabeth McEwen Potts in 1828 and settled on a parcel of land a few miles west of present day Davidson, NC (much of this property is now under water, as the result of the construction of a hydro-electric dam in the 1960s). The margins are full apart from three small, similar rectangular cutaway areas on three sides. At the time of his arrival to America, he brought with him sufficient funds to purchase land and later began enslaving people. SOLD, Garden FlowersWoodcut printed in colors, 1921, Bakker 90, intended edition of probably 100. Signed, titled and numbered in pencil "2/100". The only evidence that William sent any of his sons to college exists in the form of two receipts for tuition at Catawba College in 1853 and 1854 for John N. W. Patterson. The telegram instructed Roth to split up the business between himself and Art Moreno, an employee of Patterson, and Doyle Kirkland. The intense work involved in rubbing the colors into the blocks is perfectly demonstrated here and the end result is almost sculptural. According to one newspaper story I read, the house is still there and occupied. This work is not listed in Bakker's 1989 and 1990 retrospective catalogs on the artist.

Henry Patterson 1852 - … The disappearance of the Pattersons has inspired stories of espionage and even tales of UFO abductions. 7 1/4 x 10 in. What sets this print apart is the depiction of snow on the tree limbs and foreground reflecting Patterson's interest in depicting changing seasons.

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William and Margaret Patterson were officially declared dead on March 27, 1964. Their case remains just as mysterious now as it was 60 years ago. Humphrey Donelson (c. 1744 - 1781), 2-2-1. Two years after coming forward, Nangaray was killed in an auto accident. In the end, we’ll never know what happened to William and Margaret Patterson.

primarily on the verso and also on the margins, recto, in a few spot. 1-1-1. It also instructed Roth to hire Kirkland as the new store manager to replace William Patterson at the photo company. The condition is fine. "We did look into it, but there wasn't really much," Anchondo said.

SOLD, The BouquetWoodcut printed in colors, 1920s, Bakker Retrospective # 96, intended edition of 100. They had 3 children: Kenneth David Patterson and 2 other children. Signed, titled and numbered (1/100) in pencil. Detective Irene Anchondo of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office was also part of the investigative unit assigned to the Patterson case for several years. This is a fine impression of this very rare woodcut. … He made his living doing sleight-of-hand tricks,” Luther Patterson told the El Paso Times in the 1960s. Jeremiah Harrison was one of the famous Harrison brothers who migrated from DE to what is now Harrisonburg, VA in the 1730's. It is the patron's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections. This is a very fine impression with vibrant colors. This is a superb, luminous impression of this rare print. The husband seemed unhappy that I was in the house, and I left soon after leaving the cookies with her. “I always knew Pat and Margaret would take off like this some day, but I figured it to be four or five years away.

William and Margaret Patterson were last seen between March 5 and 6, 1957, according to police records. The artist has made pencil annotations in the margins referencing difference colors for possible changes, ie. Chasing Phantoms: Man who stole Texas boy’s identity may have been a violent fugitive, The Case of the Disappearing Diamond and the Disco Duck, Jane Elkins, slave, hung in 1853 for a murder she might be innocent of. William Paterson was born 19 March 1822 in Kirkden, Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom to James Paterson (1795-1884) and Ann Wallace (1797-1868) and died 27 August 1897 of unspecified causes. Unsigned. This is the way it was printed.) The condition is fine apart from three pieces of paper tape on the verso edges which were intended as hinges. Kirkland came into the auto shop later in the day and told Cecil Ward that William Patterson had asked him to bring the car to him for a tune-up.

They seemed like a normal, middle America couple. It really wasn't anything we could use to develop other leads.". The condition is excellent.

John Wm Patterson was born circa 1859, at birth place. The Pattersons' disappearance remains one of El Paso's great unsolved mysteries. John was born circa 1765. The print is attached to a sheet of sturdy black paper which was most likely done by the artist. "We continued going over the case and looking at different aspects of it and that's pretty much where we are now.". These are Mary Adeline Patterson Houston, Lydia Lenore Patterson Wilson, John Newell Williamson Patterson, and Josephine Augusta Banna Patterson Alexander. William is related to Margaret M Patterson and Griffin B Patterson as well as 11 additional people. The paper is Patterson's typical sturdy, thick Japanese paper which is especially well-suited for intensely rubbing the colors onto the paper from the back of the sheet.SOLD, Surf and RocksWoodcut printed in colors, 1915-20, Bakker 47, edition 100 (?) She was a tiny (petite) woman, and he always came across as mean and unfriendly.". Josiah Harrison (1733 - 1812) m. Mary Cravens, Lydia Donnell (not Harrison) b. c. 1735, m. Reuben Harrison, 1-2-5.

"The Sands, Chatham" is a rare Cape Cod view which usually appears unsigned for some reason. On the morning of March 6, 1957, one day after Cecil Ward had had dinner at the Patterson’s home, he told police he opened his auto business and discovered that William Patterson’s Cadillac was sitting in the driveway. Another theory was that William Patterson had killed Margaret and fled the country. "You're always hoping for something that will open up the case and move forward and actually solve it and bring some closure to family members so it is very frustrating.

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