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That year made her realize that journalism was where she wanted to be, and that it made sense, because she comes from a family of journalists which includes her, My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition Part 2, My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition, Active Shooter Situations Are Becoming The New Norm, Another Chapter Closes, But A New One Begins. Over the weekend, a shooting in Michigan that left 6 dead, wasn’t your typical active shooter situation.

For Barcia, these frequent “Pokémon Go adventures” allow the family to spend quality time together, regardless of her post-traumatic stress disorder and her daughter’s cerebral palsy. “No one would say an office building in San Bernardino, California, would be the target of a terrorist attack, but again, it happened, and the local authorities had to be prepared for that.”. It has a mixture of my “Okay” work, as well as my best work.

He said a lack of potential targets in Alachua County justified his opinion. “We spend more time together, and I enjoy the discovery,” said Barcia. Despite a decline in popularity nationwide, Pokémon Go has remained alive in Gainesville. Since then, she’s lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., and several cities in Florida. Two hundred collectors gathered for the 38th annual Collectors Day at the Florida Museum of Natural History on Saturday.
“A lot of players are kind of crawling out from the shadows now that there’s something new,” Barcia said. Kutner said the reason the ACSO received a lesser amount than what they’re used to is because of the task force’s funding division system.

As I began my career with WUFT-TV, I continued patiently waiting for the day that I would go from shooting, writing, and editing VOSOTs for “First at Five,” to now doing actual packages for them. Both Humphlett and Barcia agree that the fun has come back to the game with the implementation of Pokémon from the second generation of the series. When July hit, I also took up a new position: TV Reporter. In media, marketing is everything. I chose to blog about this specific package, because it was one of the most eye opening stories I had ever been on. Watch full episodes of your favorite PBS shows, explore music and the arts, find in-depth news analysis, and more. Recent Posts. “You have 90,000 people that are packed into a stadium for a Saturday home game,” Kutner said. Opening the book revealed it was an accordion filled with photos of the The Beatles’ faces. The Gainesville native said some of her favorite spatulas — out of a collection just shy of 2,000 items — were Florida Gator themed but she has grown particularly fond of a spatula she calls “the gnarly and big one, with the bull.”. Mark Shelton said his mask collection stemmed from the bond he shares with his son. Crystal is good at what she does. “The fact that I’m involved in peace and justice activism — a lot of that was the direction they led me in.”.

FTC Seniors WUFT News Video April 20, 2013. “People are returning.”. My portfolio is my website, and it shows you every piece I have done, not just the ones I end up putting on my reel. Gainesville is a town accustomed to all kinds of sports. He said obvious targets aren’t the only Alachua County locations that are threatened — it could happen anywhere. But, man oh man, is it way easier than the last system. He wears baby clothes.”. Update or Upgrade Your Sustaining Gift Today! Having a job in the media is interesting. A year ago today, I began my journalistic career at WUFT News. And having to walk up an exit, into an overpass ramp, and doing it all in the rain, while not trying to get run over by cars at night, is even worse.

Connor has been doing sports for as long as I have known him. Note: This article was initially published on the WUFT site on 1/24/17. “We both enjoy superheroes and going out and finding new masks,” he said. I continued producing radio until August. Sometimes everything that could go wrong or could happen to you, will go wrong and/or happen to you. WUFT-FM Webplayer. This video can be found on the same website, that was mentioned in my “Marketing Yourself” post from last week. And I know she will go far, wherever TV takes her.

This is similar to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who faced the Pulse Nightclub attack. You all have a bond of moving from place to place, for very little pay, trying to make it big, and submitting your reel to every station known to man. “I had a teddy bear when I was a child,” she said. Your station will play momentarily. Sign up to get a daily morning email five days a week with a roundup of all the need-to-know news and information from our area and the state of Florida, curated by. I haven’t known him for long, but I know that I am very interested to see what he is capable of, within the next year. “The citizens know best,” Kutner said. Humphlett said this shift in community focus from catching Pokémon to taking gyms has created some hostility.

“Whether it be an improvised explosive device, or if someone’s just really hell bent on causing harm to as many people as possible, we have plans in place to deal with that,” he said. Before then, Sara held positions as the political anchor/reporter for WUFT-TV First at Five, as an anchor on WUFT-FM's Morning Edition & All Things Considered, and as an anchor/producer for WUFT News In 90. The Point: Daily News in Your Inbox

When May came around, I would become a Radio Producer.
Create that website. From January to May, I would be a Radio Journalist for WUFT-FM 89.1. We are fortunate to be able to upgrade our facilities to be able to provide this programming for the community and we’re especially enthused by the launch of the new WUFT Classic app which means our listeners will be able to take WUFT Classic with them no matter where they travel.”, Posted: November 10, 2015 Category: College News Tagged as: WUFT. ‘Literally Where Our Food Comes From’: Florida Museum’s 2020 Fall Plant Sale Highlights Importance Of Pollinators, Meet The Candidates Running For Putnam County Superintendent, Florida Government Officials Are Resuming In-Person Meetings, How WUFT Plans To Cover The 2020 General Election, Group Of UF Students And Teachers Join To Protest In-Person Classes In The Spring, The Point, Nov. 2, 2020: Florida Rejected One Voter’s Mailed Ballots During 10 Different Elections, Powerful Typhoon Goni Slams The Philippines, Leaving At Least 10 Dead And 3 Missing. A blog about the different day to day experiences of a Student Reporter, Intern, Associate Producer, Studio Manager, and Producer. Opening and closing his speech with warnings regarding potential terrorism, Trump said he plans to give sheriffs the weapons they need to do their jobs effectively.

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