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Click to create and send a link using your email application. Arguably, when the Smackdown Vs Raw series ended and 2K took over, the series was never the same. You do the match and that’s it for the week.

(Not Rated). You are given the option to choose which. When you return to your locker room the next time, you will find an article on WWE.com just restating what the match will be at No Way Out. Luckily Melina is there to save the day and takes her down. Copyright © 2010-2020 TheSmackDownHotel.com. Cole and Tazz then go into detail on how they think Kennedy is just out here seeking revenge for last week. In the previous game, placing a T-shirt on a wrestler was a much simpler task than it is now. Bam Bam Bigelow slides into the ring and attacks Foley with the steel chair. RAW 2007 Roster featuring all the characters profiles of the WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends available in the game. Important!! You can’t get this storyline if you’re in control of Kurt Angle. Considering the quality of player models found in the previous game--which seemed to push the PS2 to its upper graphical limits--SmackDown! In addition, the PSP system version includes an exclusive Road To WrestleMania mode, which allows players to select from four unique tournament styles and compete for supremacy in single-elimination battles. At the start of the week we see your character looking for Matt Hardy. Buy Xbox content on Xbox.com. Well it looks like JBL will be in the Royal Rumble after all. Kennedy calls Henry an idiot and Henry puts Kennedy through the table. Popular features, such as the season mode, create a wrestler, and general manager mode will return, though details are still sketchy. The winner will face the man not pinned or made to submit in a match at No Mercy, and the loser won't have any involvement at all in the pay per view. Raw 2007 is good action game for Mobile Phone and xbox 360 PS. At the beginning of the week we see Matt Hardy, your superstar, and Melina are arguing to Teddy Long that they think Randy Orton did it and wants him to leave Jillian alone. If you win the match, then afterwards, you'll see your character celebrating whilst Nitro creeps up behind you with a chair...only to throw the chair out of the ring and congratulate you, but warn you that you seriously need to work on your image.

Don't Just Watch It... Live It! vs. Roddy piper climbs in the ring but you take the attack to him. In all, SmackDown! If Chris Benoit picks up the victory, then the Undertaker will be furious at his loss. You should be able to beat him at his own game over the 20 minute period, especially if you focus on making him bleed and using basic headlocks which every character has. We will be the first to say that the genre as a whole has relied on the same directional grappling and melee punch button mechanics for a long time. It feels like something that the developers could have went all in on and really pushed the boundaries of representing the profession authentically. After the match, another cut scene takes place with you trying to reason with Benoit about last week's events, while Batista corners Nitro, but the result is you suffering another Crossface! If you win the match, you get to choose the stipulation for your No Mercy match: You get to pick from Single match, Ironman match, submission match and First Blood. vs. He raises your arm and, apparently, the two of you have formed an alliance. He is looking to make a deal with you, if you get four wins you will get a shot at you shows World Title.

Choices may differ if you have picked one of these in season. Copy and paste this link into an e-mail or instant message: Learn the controls for basic offense, defense, and other in-ring manuevers such as strikes and grapples. This is something that Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 continues to deliver on. Carlito, Chavo and Daivari have decided that if they group together, they'll be unstoppable, and even be able to take down the biggest guys on the Raw brand. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

This leads to a pretty tough match but if you isolate Benoit and keep The Animal away long enough to make a cover, then you should be home free. The decline has begun. After returning to the locker room you are notified that you have a new text message. When you return to the locker room there is an article up on WWE.com which argues both your Superstars and JBL’s side. If Undertaker picks up the victory, then Taker won't be happy - he'll claim you gave him help he didn't need. By order of Shane McMahon you now have to face RVD to sort out any problems you’re having, after the match it seems like everything is cool between the two of you, when Cade and Murdoch enter your locker room RVD hands you a chair ready to attack them, however Van dam turns and hit you with the Vamdaminator. After the match Bam Bam, Piper, and Your Superstar seem to have some type of confrontation. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. We see a cut scene of your superstar and Rey Mysterio talking about their number cards. He then runs for cover as your superstar beats down Bam Bam. Another new twist on the gameplay formula is more interaction than ever with the crowd. The two men have been at each other's throats for weeks, and it's down to you to choose how you officiate the match. The next week you face Trevor Murdoch one on one followed by a cut scene showing Van Dam’s match with Lance Cade where Cade is disqualified because of interference by Murdoch which brings you out to aid RVD only to receive a chair shot for your actions. Unfortunately, these moves to feel very limited with only a handful being accessible within the game. SmackDown! You get this after the Cleaning up RAW storyline if you don’t receive a title shot. Raw 2007 - FAQ/Play Guide. Speaking of the superstars, no official roster has been announced yet other than mainstays like Kurt Angle, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio Jr., but you can expect to see a full slate of members from both the Raw and SmackDown!

The stars are still as recognisable as ever, it’s the clunky animations that come with working simultaneously developing for two different types of hardware that causes the issue. When you return to the locker room, you get a text message from Teddy Long who reveals that oh my god shocker, Jillian Hall has been working with Orton all along. What's even better is that when using the right analog, you'll have greater control over the execution of that move than ever before. It's not just the wrestlers that are getting the royal graphical treatment. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Kennedy promises that your superstar will pay.

At the end of the article you then learn you’re scheduled to face Mark Henry tonight. He staged his attack all along.

Piper then jumps off and onto the chair crushing Foley's ankle before the clip ends. Here Comes The Pain or Smackdown!

Henry then trash talks you before Kennedy trash talks him and does the “Mista Kennedy” thing. WMXIX has revenge on vince mode and a regular season mode.. Smackdown!

At the end of the match which you hopefully win, you and Benoit are at each other's throats when Nitro arrives on the scene, holding the World Heavyweight Title belt...which he uses to clock Benoit round the head!

It’s Theodore R Long and he reminds you that you need one more win, plus a PPV win to get a World title shot. The Undertaker.

There’s a tonne of content, a real love for the subject material present and aside from a few presentation issues, it’s still really polished for the time period. Kennedy introduces himself and then the match gets underway, if you lose you will remain as number one but if you win, you will become number 7. Another Cut scene then airs with Ken Kennedy introducing your wrestler and mocking you. If you lose you will be out of the Rumble, however if you win you move onto the Rumble. It’s from Theodore Long hoping you feel better. After the match, you receive a text message from Mick Foley praising you for you for your performance and suggest you check out his match with Piper tonight. You then receive a text message from Teddy Long or Jonathan Coachmen acknowledging your hard work. JBL goes to hit you with the chair but you counter it and then toss him over the top rope. After this match, Booker will be part of a headline, where he is 'not sorry for betraying Smackdown' and mentions that if Team Raw (now consisting of Booker T) wins, he will become part of the roster. This game although still a fantastic representation of a wonderful period for the genre feels like the beginning of the end. Keep in mind that it also Includes a match at the PPV, which you must win to get the shot. It is the eighth installment of the WWE SmackDown vs. You will then see Batista talking with Ric Flair, who will later fight you in an ultimate submission. Raw entries, so of course it will be returning for this game as well. Raw series, successor to WWE SmackDown vs. Otherwise, focus on beating up Benoit. All Rights Reserved. By holding the stick forward, you can keep your opponent up in the air and even walk with him around the ring for a little showboating. After the match you wrestler corners Roddy piper in the ring. It’s Pay Per View time, Ken Kennedy vs Mark Henry vs Your Superstar, it seems difficult but it’s not impossible. The text message is from T’ Lo and he informs you that he’s made a 4-man Battle Royal Elimination match, with you facing Chris Benoit, The Great Khali, and Paul Burchill. If you're successful, then you win the No Mercy trophy, which unlocks the Diva Package. Consider a simple T-shirt, for example. However it could be quite a daunting task depending on your entry number. It then has Teddy Long making a match tonight where JBL will face your Superstar in a Ladder match, with the rights to the spot hanging in a briefcase at the top of the ring. However, on this occasion the cracks begin to form. Overall, this title offers a cavalcade of content for players to sink their teeth into, provided there’s no disqualification of course.

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