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He has won acclaim with his socially-conscious brand of protest music, which includes songs like “King Charles.” His debut LP, 21st Century Liability, was released on Geffen Records in 2018. "—" denotes that the recording did not chart. Prior to making his on-screen debut in Mel Gibson's Oscar nominated film, "Apocalypto"(2006), Youngblood worked as a laborer in a variety of fields. His debut LP, 21st Century Liability, was released on Geffen Records in 2018. His grandfather was a musician who played with the band T. Rex in the 70s. For other inquiries, Contact Us. TYB 003/4 (1980s) TYB 54 (1980s) How much is Yungblud net worth? Yungblud aka Dominic Harrison Wiki Facts, How Much Is Yungblud Worth? He is executive producer, and also starring in the upcoming film Say Something. Before beginning his musical career, Yungblud studied theater at  Arts Educational Schools, London. The band formed their own imprint with Warner Bros. Records, Racoon Records, on which they begun releasing music in the 1970s.[8]. The song became an instant hit, gaining even more attention on YouTube, which ultimately aided his growing fandom, while people had now also taken an interest in his dating life with the Without Me hitmaker. But there has been no revelation regarding Yungblud’s sexuality. He was also a songwriter of considerable ability, penning the vast majority of his tunes. "We went to grab a drink and no one in music does that anymore, from my experience, no one in music reaches out to me if they don’t want something". He's also acted in cult-hit films like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and 'Fight Club.' . [4] Both of his parents had a passion for classical music, and encouraged Young to play, and he learned piano from a young age. His real name is Dominic Harrison. [1] Young balanced his studies with performances at the Greenwich Village, however later decided to leave college and become a full-time musician. [7], In 2006, Young and his family moved to Aiken, South Carolina, which is the hometown of his wife, Connie Young. [15] In 2004, Young released the Hawaii-influenced album Living in Paradise with Artemis Records. In addition, due to his natural athleticism, he performed all his own stunts, including a death-defying 175 ft free fall during the waterfall scene and running in front of a live two hundred pound jaguar. [2] After their dissolution in 1972, Young embarked on a solo career, releasing a series of successful albums through Warner Bros. Records, including Song for Juli (1973), Light Shine (1974), Songbird (1975) and the live album On the Road (1976). His Skylark 45 for example sounds very early indeed in the 60s thanks to a cooing girl chorus, but “Crying Over You” is a fine punchy number. "Why Should I Be The One" on "Slow 'N Moody Black 'N Bluesy", "Back In The Saddle" on "For Connoisseurs Only Vol 3" and "Tobacco Road", "For The Love Of A Woman" and "Who Will You Favour" on "Pounds Of Soul". feelin sad today. Publicity Listings The singles of Yungblud began attracting popularity in 2017. Youngblood confirmed he is gone but declined to comment about what happened. His song Falling Skies was featured on the season two soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why, which gave the alternative rock star all the publicity he needed to make his presence known in the industry. Towards the end of the decade Youngblood got his chance to cut for Kent and he made a really good fist of this opportunity, moving into a more soul orientated framework with ease, just like the more celebrated ZZ Hill did.

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